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February 22, 2013     Cape Gazette
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February 22, 2013

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Cape Life 50 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 - IONDAY, FEBRUARY 25 2013 Bed, breakfast and ghosts Delmarva Historic Haunts hosts Paranorma1101 By Ryan Mavity Innkeeper Inez Conover says they arrived before she did, and they've never left. Most visitors to Bewitched and Bedazzled Bed and Break- fast in Rehoboth Beach stay in rooms straight out of the TV show "Bewitched" or glamor- ous Hollywood movies featuring Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis. But the bed and breakfast also has some long-term guests: ghosts. Conover said as soon as she took over the bed and breakfast more than a decade ago, she be- gan hearing the stories. "I had staff literally run out of the building next door a couple times, scared to death. Men, not women," she said. Conover said ghost encounters were first limited to furniture be- ing moved around, or a bed that was perfectly made one minute looking like someone had slept in it the next. Chef Patrick Richardson said, "In this house, there's been sev- eral occasions when we haven't had any guests in the house, but I go out to walk the dogs and when we come back the doors are open and the beds are messed up. Like someone has been playing around on them." The newest ghost is that of Eleanor Sigsbee, who was stay- ing in the building and died "IH THIS HOLtSE TH.%/E SEVgAL OCCASION  w HI wt HAVINT HAD ANY GL!ST)] IN TH1 NOUSL IUT  G3  UT Tf WALR TII DOGS AND WIIN WZ COME IACl TH { ,o5 All 01111 AID T11 BEDS AIE lllSSID LP, " - CHEF PATRICK RICHARDSON BEWITCHED AND BEDAZZLED BED AND BREAKFAST there at the age of 13. Eleanor was the daughter of Captain Charles Sigsbee, skipper of the USS Maine, which was sunk in Havana, touching off the Span- ish-American War in 1898. Conover said Eleanor's ghost was first seen on Aug. 3. Aquilla Harris, a staff member, was doing laundry and saw a little gift standing in the hallway behind her. Conover said Harris was so spooked she ran out of the house, where Conover had her describe what she saw. Harris wrote everything down, even drawing a detailed picture of what she saw, noting Eleanor's dull complexion and dusty black shoes. "She saw a full apparition,'i Conover said. Ghost sightings at Bewitched and Bedazzled have become so common that Conover leaves books in each room for guests to describe what they have seen. Paranorma1101 The weekend of Feb. 9 saw Delmarva Historic Haunts host its Paranormal 101, a special event in which members of the public participate. Investigator Jeff Brown said the weekend featured a course where inexpe- rienced guests could learn about paranormal investigations be- fore conducting one. Brown said about half of the 10 to 12 people who participated - not everyone stayed both days - had prior experience with a paranormal investigation. After an inaugural visit in November, Brown said this investigation yielded similar results, with responses to ques- tions with noise and hits on the investigators' electromag- netic field meters. Brown said paranormal beings will give off electromagnetic energy that can be picked up by the meters. The investigation also includ- ed digital audio recordings and videotape, both of which Brown said are being reviewed. Conover said paranormal in- vestigators have identified four children who haunt the houses. And that doesn't include other paranormal phenomena that she has seen over the years, such as glass tables being flipped upside down, things moving around or disappearing and even what seemed like a party going on Cape Gazette RYAN MAVITY PHOTO BEWITCHED AND BEDAZZLED Chef Patrick Richardson says paranormal activity has taken place in the Darren room. Investigators say they have have found evidence of ghosts at the Rehoboth Beach bed and breakfast. downstairs. "I had no sleep. It was like party central," she said. "You could smell cigarettes, you could smell pipes and you could smell liquor." She said after two or three weeks, she sat in the living room and said, "OK, guys here's the story: You guys can party all you want, just keep it down, and no running up and down the stairs!" She said ghosts are not in all the rooms, and guests who know about the ghosts before checking in can request rooms where no activity has occurred. Conover said she believed in ghosts before owning the bed and breakfast, having had en- counters before. "In my own home, I saw this guy walk up and sit on the side of my bed. I wouldn't sleep on that side of the bed anymore. Totally changed my habits for life," she said. Bewitched and Bedazzled is one of several sites in the Cape Region that Delmarva Historic Haunts has investigated. Lewes Historical Society and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal are among other places that have been investigated, as well as New Castle Historical Society and the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation in Media, Pa. For more information on Del- marva Historic Haunts, visit www.delmarvistorichaunts. com. For more information on Bewitched and Bedazzled, call 226-3900 or visit www.rehoboth- Signs of spring are everywhere in {ehoboth es, I saw it the other day. ltr The first sign of spring JL that was reliable, some- thing I could count on to make my day. We are all looking for that hope of saying hello sun- shine, goodbye winter, as soon as possible. Sure, we have the old-fash- ioned way of looking for that nod. It used to be that red, red robin, scurrying across the still-brown lawn looking for that ripe worm. Or you could iust make out the buds on the daffodils peeking through with their hint of yellow. You could go even more traditional by following the calendar or that weird groundhog in Pennsyl- vania. But scientists agree this is far more accurate. I saw the first sign of spring cross in front of me on the sidewalk in Rehoboth; it was a man wearing tight short shorts, over blinding milk-white legs and thick black knee socks encased in sandals. Honest! Now you can't get more precise than that. I would have taken a photo for docu- mentation, but it was snowing a little too much to bring him into focus. Sure, anyone can wear shorts in warm temperatures, but at this time of year and with those China-white legs, it was unmistakable. And iust to confirm my suspi- cion that spring was around the corner, I was in my back yard when I noticed my second sign of the changing seasons - rot- ting wood. That's right, when the snow and rain clear the area, you will notice your whole house may be missing shingles, gutters, antennas and actually some rooms. Weather will do that; it will strip your belong- ings bare. "IT WAS A MAN WEAIING TGHT SHOT SHOITS OVEl BLINDING MLK,,WIAiTE LEGS AND THICR I/ACI NII SOCKS ECASED I SANDALS" One minute you are chatting with your neighbor, leaning against the side of your house and the next minute you are lying amidst molecules of saw- dust, spitting out splinters of wood and picking them out of your halr. The thing you have to do here is get to your nearest home improvement center and buy a bunch of tools and duct tape, since the only repair item you probably have in your home is a set of tweezers. It's not impor- tant to be specific; any tools will do. In fact, I would purchase one of those giant kits that is capable of repairing a stealth bomber. You never know. The important point is to look like you know what you are talking about when you check out at the loading dock. I would name drop a few items like socket wrenches, an eighth of an inch and the really big one, Tim Allen from "Home Improvement." That ought to quiet down the people in line. You have to be careful around salespeople in these stores; if they even suspect you are an amateur there will be calls over the PA system, which is a secret language to other store employ- ees that sounds like two dol- phins mating. It's a dead give- away. Anyway, once you arrive home, you will need to assess the damage and make a reason- able plan to fix whatever has been eaten away by our ecosys- tem or vegan-type insects that have set up temporary sales offices. Spread out your tools so the neighbors think you are hard at work. Then as a safety measure, I would duct tape the entire house; large craters in the middle of the living room are so unattractive. You can always Google a repair man; they usually are pretty reasonable. Of course, that's after they stop rolling around on the ground and hold- ing their sides from laughter that iust doesn't seem to stop. Or, the heck with it, just go with the milk-white legs and black socks; it's a happier sign, believe me.