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March 2, 2012     Cape Gazette
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March 2, 2012

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8 FRIDAY, MARCH 2- MONDAY. MARCH 5. 2012 VIEWPOINTS cape G ette Letters )) Continued from page 7 Civic Association (CV-CA) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. What is that? The CV-CA organization is a group of communiW volunteers committed to promoting a strong, active social and civic network both within the Cannery Village community and among our sur- rounding neighbors. The purpose is to offer only the finest social, recreational and community outreach programs and activities. Please note: the CV- CA does not replace or compete with the existing Cannery Village Homeowners Association or the Cannery Village Board of Direc- tors, Why? The Cannery Village.owners' and residents' desire is to have various social, recreational and civic activities available for their enjoyment. The CV-CA will ac- complish that mission without distracting or diverting from the current goals, resources or objec- tives of the existing Cannery Vil- lage Homeowners Association. The CV-CA is a totally separate and distinct entity. This CV-CA will provide a method to enhance and promote the betterment of the social and recreational needs of Cannery Village residents and others within our Milton commu- nity. Who? All neighbors in our surround- ing communities are welcome to participate in any CV-CA-spon- sored activity; however, only homeowners and residents of the Cannery Village community are eligible for participation in the CV-CA as nonvoting or voting members. CV-CA looks forward to serving our community, the Town of Mil- ton, local businesses, and our sur- rounding neighbors and neighbor- hoods to reach theft powerful full potential. There are three ways to contact CV-CA:; nerycMcassociation/; Cannery Village CMc Assn., P.O. Box 444, Milton, DE 19968. R. Miller founding member Cannery Village Civic Association Milton Road paving in Milton: Let's get real The article about the Milton Town Council looking into paving three streets in Shipbuilder's Vil- lage glosses over the real issues that go above and beyond road conditions. I bought my new Gemcraft home in the fall of 2005 and the fact that today it's worth half the purchase price is partly due to the depressed housing mar- ket, but more to do with the fact that Shipbuilder's - aka Shipwreck Village - doesn't have a homeown- ers association and the Town of Milton hasn't taken full responsi- bility for making sure the resi- dents maintain their homes prop- erly. Also, we have several vacant homes that are in disrepair and apparently the banks holding them refuse to pay for mainte- nance. So, I'm not one of those residents "delighted" about the re- cent paving hoopla that your arti- cle mentions - we've been down this road before. Gemcraft told me at Settlement the fmal topcoat of asphalt in their section of town homes would be done in spring of 2006, which it wasn't There was no significant effort to pave the roads again until February 2010 when Shipbuilder's property owners received a letter from then mayor, Don Post, in- forming us that the final paving would begin once the storm drainage resolution work was completed. From that letter it was our understanding the contractor had been given the authorization and funding to apply the final top- coat. The drainage work was com- pleted, but the paving wasn't done due to additional issues. So now in 2012 the Town of Mil- Barefootin' Continued from page 7 flying over Route 1 for the next 15 miles. Vs and Zs and single strings of them flew over, hun- dreds of thousands of them, the whole great flock not petering out until I passed the pretty white church at Argos Corner. This winter's warm weather kept most of the Atlantic Fly- way's ducks to the north ofus, but it sure didn't dissuade the record hatch of snow geese from coming to their traditional win- ter'mg grounds on Delmarva. A week filled with wildlife Tyler Bryan showed me a phone photo Friday night at the Georgetown Oyster Eat. There he stands, holding a none-too-happy snapping turtle by its tail. I told him to send it over and I've in- cluded it with this column. "I was walking the edge of a swampy area on a piece of state land outside of Milton looking for deer sheds when I spotted him creeping through the shallow wa- ter," wrote Tyler when he sent the picture. "When I first walked over I jumped some wood ducks out of there. No doubt he has had a few meals from them. My bud- dy Chad Betts was walking with me too and he took the picture. It wasn't a huge one, probably like 15 pounds, and he was plenty feisty." Personally, I like snapping tur- tle in a soup with sherry - not hanging from my hand. Bill Schab and I crossed paths at the Oyster Eat too and he told me he had been walking the beach at Cape Heniopen that morning. "I counted seven seals in the surf. They looked right at me and trailed along as I made my way up the beach. It was cool." To quote Tyler, when you're out in the wild, "it's always an ad- venture." ton wants to spend $3.5 million on a project to improve our existing water system but, according to Mayor CliffNewlands, the town will have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for leftover and legisla- tive funds to help cover the $42,000 needed for the current paving project...really? The devel- oper wasn't held accountable for the final paving, so that issue has lingered for more than seven years as a result. In the absence of a homeowners association, a portion of our tax dollars to the town and county should be spent on code enforce- ment to ensure that residents (renters and owners) maintain their homes properly and also ob- tain the necessary permits when making improvements or alter- ations. Milton Code Enforcer Craig Mills told me he can't do anything about the existing code violations that occurred before his watch began last year. He said those violations could only be ad- dressed and mitigated when the property sells. What good are codes if violators are excused based upon time frame? Also, the town has been unable to prevent residents in the Gemcraft section of Shipbuilder's from turning their backyards into parking lots for. cars, boats, etc. One such resident went so far as to paint the words "No Parking" in yellow and a non- standard handicapped sign in blue on the road adjacent to his proper- ty. The police were called and the responding officer did stop the resident from painting, but after the officer left the scene the resi- dent went ahead and completed his work. The fact that this act of graffiti went without repercussion and still remains on the public road today shows residents that the town really doesn't care about our community and isn't willing to enforce the laws and codes appro- priately. When I tried to sell my home in 2009, my agent told me prospec- tive buyers wouldn't even get out of their car to tour the house once they saw the condition of the neighborhood. Poorly maintained yards with trash, mold growing on the siding and a general unkempt appearance don't make our com- munity very appealing. It'll take much more than a coat of asphalt to make Shipbuilder's Village shipshape! Arthur Schmidt Milton Dewey government, volunteers praised I've been a property owner in Dewey for nearly five years now, and think it is worth noting that the level of effectiveness and pro- fessionalism in the town's govern- ment and volunteer committees has never been higher. When we 'first bought our property and I be- gan attending town meetings back in 2007, there was an acrimonious and toxic climate that caused many difficulties and prevented Dewey from being the kind of town we all desire. As recently as the last council, the infighting and rancor were at a crescendo. Not so today. The current coun- cil operates in a professional and effective manner, and Mayor Han- son, and commissioners Howell, Legates, Seitz and Laird are doing great work to make Dewey a place we can all be proud of. But the ku- dos should not stop there. With the great leadership on the town committees, such as budget and fi- nance, noise, infrastructure and elections, the town is well served and staffed by incredibly talented and dedicated volunteers. Among these, David King's unwavering diligence and ministerial approach in navigating us through a difficult budget preparation with the budg- et & finance committee is deserv- ing of special attention and praise. As.are the efforts of Jim Dedes on the town manager search commit- tee and noise committee, Rick Judge's stewardship of the infra- structure committee, and Beverly Corelle's exemplary effort to move our election process gracefully in- to the 21st century. And newly ap- pointed leaders Garland Williams of the marketing committee and Gary Keith's quality of life com- mittee will help ensure Dewey's image and special nature are pro- moted and well communicated for the future. We owe all of these volunteers our appreciation and commenda- tion for doing such a wonderful and effective job, all without com- pensation and based solely on their love for our little beach town, Without their dedication and individual and collective ef- forts, Dewey would not be on the positive and productive path that it is today. Pleage thank each of these free town volunteers the next time you see them. Dave Davis Dewey Beach Former Dewey mayor takes council to task I am responding to the recent article in the Cape Gazette by Kara Nuzback. While I was a com- missioner and then mayor, I al- ways tried to do my best to ensure that everything was done by the book. I was criticized at every op- portunity by Diane Hanson and a special interest group, Citizens to Preserve Dewey, for doing the job I was elected to do because I would not do things the way CPD wanted. Now that we have a CPD- controlled council I fmd that if you question anything they do that is not only dishonest, but po- tentially illegal and slanderous. they retaliate calling me "a dis- gruntled ex-mayor," "a person with too much time on my hands," "someone who just wants to fight" and have stated the town business, is "none of my concern." This group does not understand that we are a town manager form of government. They apparently don't care. They continue to mi- cromanage every aspect of town hall. This group claims to want transparency, but has held more executive sessions and special meetings to conduct business in the dark in four months than we have regular scheduled meetings for the year. It seemed apparent CPD had demanded that Town Manager Gordon Elliott be fired, that the attorney at that time be fired, and that the code enforcement officer be fired. They succeeded in firing Gordon at a cost to the town of $138,000, not including legal fees. They demanded that the attorney be fired and when I didn't comply they resorted to intimidation to try and force that to happen. Now they are making demands that the code enforcement officer be fired. It doesn't matter that only the town manager has the authority to fire him; they are improperly directing .that be done. Can you say "lawsuit"? A second town manager left after a year and a half because of their microman- agement of her job that cost the town reportedly a halfa year's salary,when she resigned with charges levied against the com- missioners, They als0 want to control the court. They voted to make the as- sistant alderman the head alder- man, then said they didn't. They are now trying to eliminate him after holding meetings to make regulations for the court. They have no jurisdiction over the court other than selecting the al- derman. He falls completely un- der state rule. Dewey's charter says that an in- terim town manager may only serve for 90 days. Dewey has not had a town manager since July of 2011. Now they have appointed a person friendly to CPD to fill the spot. This after they voted and gave a contract to Marc Allen as the interim manager. Then with- out rescinding the vote and be- fore the new commissioners were sworn in, Marc Allen was wrong- ly dismissed before he ever had an opportunity to serve one day. We wonder why Dewey is sued so much. Last year, the commissioners spent money they didn't have (over $1 million on Bayard Ave alone, putting the town in debt for the first time in history). The $500,000. T after ordina ed on. but s legal bills. less long an meetings w fees are out town's legal bill last year was over aey write ordinance ace that are never act- :ill cost the town huge ghen you have c~dunt- unnecessary town th a lawyer present, of control. a lawyer for lawyer to & sonnel, a zoning, a lm adjustment, yet another If it was qostly with one attor- ney, why in heir illogical minds is it cheaper t~) now have multiple lawyers raft er than one? We have council, another al with legal and per- yer for planning and yer for the board of and they want to hire attorney for the com- )lan update. They lwyer come to a :ing for the first time I mmber in the history prehensive ] even had a I budget mee can ever rer of the town. Property ees and our to pay more sioners' red )wners, our employ- businesses are having to cover the commis- less spending. They are demandlng cuts in our police, lifeguards a~d administration to pay for bad gnd expensive deci- sions. They ~re interfering with public safety. They rais@ business license fees; they arg attempting to take away the di{counted parking per- mits for the ~roperty owners with no notification to them about this issue and arCmaneuvering to fig- ure out how]!o get theft hands on Continued on page 10