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March 2, 2012     Cape Gazette
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March 2, 2012

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Cape Gazette SPORTS & OUTDOORS FRIDAY, MARCH 2- MONDAY, MARCH 5. 2012 95 Q: I love working out and lifting weights but sometimes have mi- nor pain in my shoulders and knees. It's nothing serious, but it sometimes makes it difficult to work out. Do you have any tricks to help alleviate this problem so I can continue to work out without making the situation worse? A: If you spend enough time in the weight room, you're bound to ez perience your fair share of minor aches and pains, but knowing how to tweak your workout to avoid further injury could be the difference between a little inflammation and a major injury. And since you can't get in ill Maxwell, a longtime golfing buddy of mine, happens to be a CPA in real life. He recently took a break from his massive pile of tax returns to send out an intriguing golf etiquette ques- tion to our spring golf group. See what you think the correct an- swer should be. As Bill recounts it, two players are in a sudden-death playoff, winner-take-all tournament. Al- bert drives his tee shot to the middle of the fairway, but Charley's tee shot veers offto the far right. Charley has some trouble finding his ball, and so Albert goes to his aid for a few minutes. Albert then gives up the search, and tells Charley he will go ahead with his second shot. Albert's approach comes to a stop 15 feet from the hole. Imme- diately afterward, Charley an- nounces that he's found his ball, and hits it. Both players watch Charley's ball land only inches from the hole. Here is the etiquette issue- what should Albert say to Charley at that point, consider- ing that Albert pocketed shape if you're lying on the couch trying to heal, it makes sense to learn how to shift gears and change your routine up be- fore it's too late. Here are four ways I have found to give your joints and connective tissue a break from the rigors of working hard without missing a workout. Turn palms from out to in on dumb- bell presses The most common way to do dumbbell chest presses is to lie on a bench with dumbbells held in each hand over your torso and then slowly lower the weight until the barbells touch your chest with your palms fac- ing away from your body. Al- though this can be a great way to work your chest, it can also sometimes inflame the shoulder joint. If this happens to you, try turning your wrists inward so your palms are facing toward each other and your elbows are pointed away from your body. More often than not this simple change in hand grip will take the pressure off the shoulder joint and allow you to continue work- ing your chest without further pain. Angle toes slightly outward on squats Squatting with your feet straight in front is not a natural movement and can irritate your knees, causing pain and inflam- mation. If you don't believe me, try this simple test to find your most natural foot stance. Hang from a pull-up bar and allow your feet to dangle below you, and you'll find that your feet nat- urally angle slightly outward away from your body. This stance is also the most natural foot position for any type of squat because it allows the knee joint, the femur (thigh bone) and the hips to align correctly, avoid- ing knee joint pressure. So re- O the firm expanded to the Cape Region with its second store now on Route 1 near Midw/ay. PGA professional Bret Mar- shall will be overseeing opera- tions at the newlocation in Fen- Charley's original golf ball dur- ing the search? This is a game of honor, after all, Bill's story is a variation on the famous golf cheating scene in the James Bond movie, "Goldfin- ger." Bond is playing Goldfinger, his evil host, in a match play game. During the round, Goldfinger cheats in various ways, such as coughing loudly while Bond is putting, and moving his golf ball out of a bad lie. At an opportune moment late in the round, Bond switches Goldfinger's golf ball while searching for goldfinger's errant drive in the rough. On the last hole, Bond deliberately misses a putt, giving Goldfinger the victo- ry. Just as they are gathered around the hole, however, Bond "notices" that Goldfinger played the wrong ball. The evil mastermind loses the hole and the match. Goldf'mger's plans for cornering the gold market don't work out so well later on in the movie, either. So there's the real golf eti- quette lesson for you: Cheat at golf, and you can kiss goodbye your chances at world domina- tion. Ruddo's to open third golf store The folks at Ruddo's Golf are taking over the old Atlantic Books space in Fenwick Island and will soon open up a third store in their local chain. Ruddo's opened up its first golf outlet just west of Ocean City, Md., on Decatur Highway angled outward. [] Go palm to palm on curling exercises Straight bar curls and dumb- bell curls are a great way to iso- late the biceps but often inflame the elbow joint. To remedy this, simply limit your bicep work to dumbbells and turn your palms inward toward your body and continue to curl. The best exam- ple of an exercise that fits nicely into these guidelines is the dumbbell hammer curl. I wish a had a nickel for every time I told a client experiencing elbow pain to switch to hammer curls, and the pain was instantly gone. Exchange running routines for low- impact cardio Running is a greatway to burn fat, but the constant pounding of stepping and landing can send shock waves down your spine gardless of how wide you choose to place your feet, make ti1 sure your toes are slightly near Route 502 Several years ago. Continued on page 96 . B.A.Y.S-I-D.E EXPERIENCE TROON GOLF $49 ALL everyday at Bayside. bearTra p EXPFRIENCE T~:OON GOLF everyday at Bear Trap Dunes. Valid through March 8th, 2012. Good for 18 holes of golf, includes greens fee and cart. No coupon required. and cause knee, hip and lowe back pain. In fact, most runners should periodically take a break and trade their road work in for more joint-friendly, lower-im- pact cardio. Machines like the el- liptical, arc trainer and rowing machine can be a great choice because they have a softer gait and put less pressure on the joints. Remember, the name of the game is longevity, and if you want to stay healthy you have to learn to shift gears. If you expe- rience pain or inflammation, see a doctor to make sure you don't have a serious injury, and if you're given clearance to contin- ue working out, try the above techniques to see if they help. If the pain persists, stop doing the exercises and seek the help of a professional. Chris Antonio is a personal trainer and former world-class weightlifter. Visit for training tips, news andinspirational stories; email questions to Under 11 only- Age 11 as of 4-30-12 2/25/12 & 3/3/12 at LEWES LITTLE LEAGUE* For individual tryout& please email: BagelBombersl !' *Location subject to change due to weather, )0Z.5)7.5600 www.bearera )