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March 5, 2010     Cape Gazette
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March 5, 2010

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6Z FRIDAY, MARCH 5- MONDAY, MARCH 8, 20n0 FOOD &amp; DRINK State 00ins national awards for processing" applicat" Kevin Cancannoa, undersec- Eahyear, the U.S. Department reachhg those eligible for these month show 109,661 clients will tance. retary for Food, Ntrition and of A riculture (USDA) awards a impothrlt nutrition benefits. " receive food benefits from the Delawar e Heal Consumer Services in the U.S. tot of $12 million in prform- "I' m lonored that the USDA statecompared to an average of Services is ¢ommit Department of Agriculture re- ance bonuses to eight states with recogri:es the hard work our 66,247 iust two years ago. ing the qt{ality o cently presented a rards to state the b est and most improved pro- team ]d0¢s in meeting the needs The Department of Health and Delaware's citizer officials recognizin g Delaware s granq access index, of DdWareans when they need Social Services Division of Social ing health nd we[ proficiency in processing appli- Tle program access index is help the most," said Rita M. Services manages SNAP for the ing self-sullicienc. cations for SNAP, the Supple- the l atio of participants to the Landgf, secretary of the De- state, and has an accuracy rate of ing vulnerable pol0 mental Nutrition Pu sistance Pro- num her of persons below 125 partment of Health and Social 99 percent with regard to corn- , ................... ,, ....... gram. The awards carry a cash pero',nt of poverty level and re- Servisl- pletmg the application process • ,, • . . ? •  ,: ..... bonus of $356,813. flecl s state performance m P ctmns for the current for Delawareans needing assm- 'lI ctim !,,   Traditi( nal St. Patrick s Day,feat always on a foodie s are" ' s ) • ' With Saint Parr" " " k's Day fast M-inating cabbage in honey- mintts or until al[ingredients ey, to taste In resealhble pin approaching, onel:hing sure to base, i vinegar adds delicate bite have[soetened. Removegarni 2 tablespoons balsamic honey binecabbagewith: be on many a foolie's mind is and sweetness; the vinegar's and eaon with salt and pepper vinegar* frigerate I hour or cabbage. Brassica (leracea, or as acidJ ty also helps to harmonize to taste. Pour into hot soup 1-2 tablespoons Seeded, minced you like, after mm we call it, cabbage, is native to the s areet-savory flavors tasteful- bowl al)d garnish with reserved jalapeno pepper, to taste cabbage to rilt. both Eastern and estern cul- ly. bac( m. Serve with cheddar l teaspoon minced garlic Split m.mstastard-r tures. It's been discovered in C( mbining cabbage with a sconbs. Serves 4-6. 1/4 cup good quality olive oil pastrami and cabl pots dating back tc 4,000 BC in nutt cheese like ]arlsberg on a Spicy (:bopped Napa Pastrami- Whisk together first 5 ingredi- bread slice. Top v China, mentioned in Greek Reu] m sandwich is another sure £heeSeSalad ents. Add olive oil while whisk- .bread. mythology and was snpp0dly way :o tantalize the taste buds. ing to thicken. Season to taste Wrap sandwich spreadthroughm t EuroPe by Irish :abbigea Bacon Soup with coarse salt and freshly heat in 30() F ove: nomadic Celts dr( and 600 BC, Smal bunch parsley ground black pepper. Dressing utes, or gr 1l in nc Gazette ions by promot- eing, foster- and protect- lafions. mind ic bag, com- arinade. Re- ,vernight. If rating, saut lyo, cheese, ge among 4 th remaining, s in foil and for 20 min- mtick skillet, eventually becom! nga popular Bay I,:af romaine lettuce, sliced can be made a day ahead, placed with some butter. Irish staple. Cabb I tge had many 6 sli( es thick-cut Irish bacon, diced crossvb and chopped in screw top jar and refrigerated. Marinade: Whisk :ogether 1-112 uses then as it doe; now, such as 2 me lium onions, sliced 2 cups dlced Jarlsberg or Jarlsberg Shake well before serving, tablespoon:) balsart c honey vine- in coleslaws, soup.' and stews or 2 cle m cubed potatoes rite cheese Jarlsberg New Age Reuben gar* with 1t 4 cup eX ra virgin olive pickled into sauerk rout. It's even 1 pc( led turnip, sliced 8 ounce thick-sliced lean turkey 1/2 head thinly shredded green, oil, a combi nation © : fresh thyme considered a luc[ y prosperity 2 pe(!led chopped carrots pastmmor smoked turkey cut in red, Savoy or Napo cabbage and oregam) (about i tablespoons, charm by some m tltures. Cab- 6 CUl)S chicken stock strip or diced About 1/2 cup marinade (below) minced), 2 t easpoon minced garlic bage comes in m my varieties 1 hea d green cabbage, shredded 2 cup peled, chopped jicama 1 tablespoon grainy mustard and 2 and I tables poon fre h lemon juice, and is good for ycu,too: chock Bt ndle parsley and bay leaf to 2 mnges, peeled, pitted and tablespoons mayonnaise, mixed salt and pe| per, tob te. full of vitamin K  Ld C, iron and mak. a bouquet garni for season- coarsely[chopped 1 pound thinly sliced pastrami, *Honey i Lidge Fa ms balsamic fiber, it also prom )tes gastroin- ing ! he soup• In a heavy 6-quart 3/4 cbp ,lieed green onions or scal- corned beef or lean turkey pastra- honey vine gar is st rite-free bal- testinai health. Dut,.'h oven, cook bacon until lions, green and white parts mi samic-styh, aged v negar, made Cabbage can be incorporated crist, and remove with a slotted So-k Iradishes, cabbage and 1 pound dell sliced Jarlsberg or completely with honey. For into almost any rec ipe, taking on spo( n and reserve. Remove all Romaine in very cold water in Jarlsberg lite cheese more infe rmatim, visit hon- whatever seasoni g it's paired but : tablespoons bacon fat from refrigerator 1 hour to crisp. Spin 8 slices of rye bread eyridgefar[ with and is delicious sautred, DutCh oven and saut onions, dry Or drain in colander and dry braised, stir-fried,[,aked, pickled potatoes, turnipandcarrotsfor onppgrtowels. Inlargebowl, I -- orsteamed, abol R 10 minutes over medium gently toss all ingredients. Re- ngry To enjoy on the day when heat 4 frigemt  until ready to serve and Ha everyone is Irish, /here's an au- Add stock, cabbage and garni toss _ri{h dressing. Serves 4-6. thentic Irish cabbage and bacon andbring to boil for about5 min- DresSing: • s°upplustw°dishesusingcab'nteslthenl°werheat:dsim-1/4clupffeshlimejuice[ [ ' [ www.Re h hFoo( €om] bage in less ordinary ways. mert partially coveredl for 30 ltablesloon orange blossom hon- obot lie, . ,Honest rewews of local rest urant. I Brisket ;avo. plus a comprel,ensiye li : / Dip e chicken pieces in the nusar d mixture to coat, then off-season specmls. Continued from pa! :e 61 - kedge in breadcrttmbs. Preheat oven to .: 50 E Heat Heat e oil in a large non- ;ticklskillet °ver medium heat"  "V/±'':]'L''L''4: [I e olive oil in a ro :sting pan over medium heat. Pat dry the dd file chicken pieces and cook L I 11 . beef and sprinkle b th sides br 3miautes on each side. \\;-fh e dlabetes d*ag A 'd  (Rosg]! ao.¢) is with garlic, salt and pepper, ireakfat Sandwich mked ,:o an mcread rsl< of serto s sde effec. Brown the meat fm about 3 min- t bute ha may ead w ro,  rt at k tl utes on each side. file cook- [ C Eg Beaters  death. A repfm reled t ¢ the U. _ . S-2nat¢ ing the second side add the ;alt & ppper, to taste - F-irmce C0mmRee sta, es hat Ava d ,.s as,: caed with a sigrhc.t mcrta in the risk o{ h t a mtac  atd heart onions. Once the ] neat is thor- ! EngliSh muffins relented deaths. Two of the repoa'-s aathor$  d Avast ia *laold oughly browned, re move-from I slices baked ham be taken off the market. If you or a loved cm s st :red srokQ heart attack or sudder death after o-:3g be di :ees dn  Avanda. : call The Miller Firm o1| r at 1-800-931{'r317, - " pan and cook the o: 5 minutes. Deglaze the pan, and vinegar, scrapb brown bits from th( the pan. Return th( pan and scoop som onions over the tOl the broth. Cover til and bake for 2 hour the meat, baste witl bake another 1 horn better when prepar fore, then chilled ox fore reheating.] To serve, thinly sl and sere 9ve.noe dons another leftover beef for vith the wine tg up any Chicl :en Fingers : ' bottom of t |b € hicken breast tenderloins meat to the 2T h oney of the 2T c and stir in 2 T a fly with foil 1 C p s. Turn over 1/2 t t sauce and 1/2 t , [This is 1/2 t .'d a day be- 114 C ernight be- Cc and  ice the meat On a, ..  brea, )arse-grain mustard ple cider vinegar mko breadcrumbs salt pepper savory vegetable oil mbine the honey, mustard dnegar in a shallow bowl. flat plate, combine the icmmbs, salt, pepper an:, 7 2 slic heddar cheese Tot the English muffms and plac a lice of cheese on the bottom half of each. Warm the ham L,J {he microwave for 20 to 30 scolds and place 2 slices on top f ech cheese slice. Melt {he butter in a small non- stick sldllet and add the Egg Beaters. I Sprinkle with salt and pepper; stir frequently until cooked. Divide the egg scram- ble ont(  ham on the two muffin halves I place the two top muffin halvqs oer the eggs. Send cmnents, questions or recipe ideas to