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March 11, 2005     Cape Gazette
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March 11, 2005

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8 - CAPE GAZETTE, Friday, March 11 - March 14, 2005 Letters Continued from page 7 would be able to work something out for me. I told'Mr. Tunnell that I had called Mr. Hoy and he told me that if I came up with $3,200 on the 15th, then every month after that that my rent was not paid in full he would add a 5 percent late fee. I explained to Mr. Tunnell that if I could not afford the rent increase now, how was I going to af- ford it in a month plus 5 percent. His come back was maybe I should look into getting a second job. Thankfully my daughter was 9amping with the scOuts on Sunday. When I picked her up she asked if we were going to be able to stay home or were we going to have to move. I explained to her what Mr. Tunnell said and she became extremely upset. She wrote him this letter out of anger. She knows what our home means to her pop-pop and it makes her really sad that we may have to move in a few months. My trailer is an '85 so there is no way that I could get the $100,000 he was talking about on Sunday. It needs a lot of work. If I have to sell I might get $10,000 but more realistically $6,000. That is not enough to'get us moved. Thank you for listening and being an ear and a ray of hope for the Pot Nets residents who are being forced out on the street. Thank you once again for listening. Jackie McKnight Pot Nets Mobile home tenants need protective leoslation Manufactured home owners on leased lots are systematically being financially evicted from their homes throughout Delaware because of the ever-increasing lot rents. The tidal wave of rent increases was sent into motion when the rent cap formula was abandoned. Now we are seeing "market value" rent increases that compare our postage-sized leased property with the land values for $450,000 homes on much larger property. When the "value of the land" is added, it causes higher lot rents. Last year, Sen. George Bunting intro- duced legislation to limit increases to the amount of the annual Consumer Price In- dex, or CPI. This legislation passed the Senate by a vote of 15-2, and was then sent over to the House of Representatives for action. It was promptly sent to "committee" and never heard of again, because of the real es- tate lobby and the manufactured home community owners lobby. We need legislation! The lot rent issue with its ongoing financial evictions does in- deed require a solution, by both the House of Representatives, and the Senate, and it is needed now! We recommend you look to Florida, and it's Manufactured Housing Commission that regulates this form of af- fordable housing, and it seems to work well. Delaware is in dire need of a commis- sion, ombudsman, or a public advocate to allow representation for the thousands of manufactured home owners on leased land. What legislation on this subject can you support ? Robert Fillmore Angola Beach & Estates Lewes Local kids have hard time in job market Up until six weeks ago, I believed people who said "Our kids are too lazy to work, so foreign students are hired." Then my 19- year-old grandson and his girlfriend started to apply for jobs. He filled out 15 applica- tions and she filled out 10. No one respond- ed to the applications. They went back and followed up on the applications - sometimes three or four times to one place. They were told to check back in a couple of days or we're reviewing applications or we'll be calling you for an interview next week. None of this happened. One local super market - after going in to check four times - did grant him an interview and said they would call in two days . They just needed to check their time schedule - no call. They applied at local businesses as well as the large chains. At some places, one puts an application into a computer and there is no "real" per- son present. Where do these applications go???? Finally, due to their persistence, they both have jobs. He happened to follow up - for the third time - on a day that some- one was just fired and they needed a re- placement right away. She also was in the right place at the right time and was hired after two interviews It is not at a place where she had put in one of those 10 appli- cations.. After all those applications, only one small business has called either of them. So, what's wrong with our employers that they cannot even extend common cour- tesy to our kids???? An observation on my part - I went to one of the restaurants where she had applied and guess what?? Foreign students had been hired!!!! She had waitress experi- ence so that wasn't an issue. Carol Horton Lewes Hudson thanks voters in Milton I wish to express my sincerest thanks to all those who voted for me in the recent Milton election. Your support was both gratifying and reassuring in a time of great change for the town. I lo0k forward to working with Mayor Jack Bushey and the rest of the town council to steer Milton in a positive direction for the future. As always, I am available to help anyone with issues they might have with the town. Jerry Hudson Milton Cape Region won't address educational matters Having brought a suspected act of plagia- rism by Ms. Albanese to the attention of the Cape Gazette and school board, I expected there would be an outpouring of sympathy for the teacher. And, I was correct. However, what is noticeably missing from letters describing Ms. Albanese's heroic efforts in teaching are any support- ive correspondence from fellow teachers. Do they realize that she, in fact, did plagia- rize? As a fellow teacher, I distributed dozens of copies of the article to cowork- ers, asking what they thought of the piece. Professionally speaking, each and every in- dividual agreed that the article is a text 15#ok example of plagiarism. Naturally, I would expect a teacher caught in such an act to defend herself in claiming it was unintentional. The letters of support only further con- firm that the community is not prepared to address educational matters, preferring to telYthose who don't agree to "go back where they came from." That's fine, just keep Ms. Albanese happy and employed, as we surely do not want her teaching any- where else but in Sussex County. Chris Crane Washington, D.C. We need to get leeches off federal payroll Kudos to Susannah Butz who expressed her opinion in a recent newspaper letter re- garding the .leeches of society who live off their counterparts, the working, taxpaying citizens. These people, who for no other reason than the fact that they are lazy, non- idealistic and were probably raised by a family in a similar manner, remain in their status quo. Why? Because it is a way of life initiated in 1965 by President Johnson and his dream of a Great Society. Here we are, 40 years later, no closer to a solution than we were then. This clique of moochers should be made to fend for themselves and at least con- tribute something towards their own liveli- hood. Every day and particularly on Sun- days, the airways are filled with politicos who argue the pros and cons of our Social Security system and the fact that it will go broke in 2008, 2028 or maybe 2046. No one seems to know when it will really col- lapse. These same publicity-seeking gov- ernment princes who, for want of some- thing constructive to do, usually indicate that perhaps an investigative committee should look into the matter and so it goes. We are probably all familiar with either someone we know or have met who is on SSI. That's a subdivision and byproduct of Social Security. You probably wonder how they manage to get monthly checks and lead a leisurely life. A few years ago, we met an attractive young lady in Lewes in her 20s, who toned her body in a gym and spent most days lolling on the beach catch- ing a tan. When questioned about having time to do all that, she replied that she did not work, that she was disabled and further she was on SSI, because she was depressed. This same woman had an apartment in a government-subsidized rental community and paid very little rent. By the way, her medications were also furnished by SSI. Without a doubt, this woman was capable of doing something in the work field to help herself. How many of you remember an inves tigative program on TV done by John Stos- sel a few years ago on this same subject? John interviewed a woman (I believe in southern Georgia) who had five children on SSI. The woman, when coaxed, related that she had and continued to train her children to misbehave and maintain a rowdy atmos- phere in school. After being examined, they qualified for benefits. At that time, she was receiving monthly checks from SSI totaling more than $3,600 each month. That's more than $43,000 a year, tax-free. We often hear of and see fellow citizens receiving government compensation for one reason or another. Many are most de, serving and others earn every cent they re- ceive. I've been told and have every reason to believe that alcoholics and drug abusers are eligible for monthly SSI checks. When paying these people, are we not just con- tributing to their bad habits? I think so. Another TV investigative program showed where alcoholic street people use bars and saloons as their home address to get checks delivered. They run up bar tabs and when the check arrives, the bar owner cashes it, deducts the derelict's tab, takes a sizable amount for providing the service and gives what remains to the street person. A real nice set,up for all concerned, except the tax paying citizens who are footing the bills. Looking into these criminal actions - and that's exactly what some of them are - cer- tainly will not solve these prob.lems, but it sure could put a dent into them and would- n't it be nice to see some of these people get back on their feet and show a little pride in themselves9 I know the princes and princesses we send to Capitol Hill don't give a hoot about what is going to happen 20 or 30 years down the road because by then they will be sitting back and enjoying the pensions they so greedily voted for themselves. But ap- pearing on television sure is a good oppor- tunity to show their constituents how im- portant they really are. Is this a great_coun- try or what? Mr. Smith who went to Wash- ington, where are you now? Charles and Mai-Britt Graffius Rehoboth Beach Lawson family thanks Cape Region community I can't express enough thanks to every- one in this wonderful community for your overwhelming outpouring of care and sup- port on the tragic loss of my husband, Du- ane Lawson. I am truly fortunate to be part of such a caring and loving town. Over the coming months I know I will be able to thank many of you individually as we cross paths in our daily lives. The outpouring of help and care from friends and business associates has been more than I could have expected; I am equally amazed at the support from so many of you I have never had the opportu- nity to meet directly. Duane loved Rehoboth Beach and spoke often of how glad he was that we moved from a big city to such a great place to raise a family. I know he is smiling down on all of us knowing that our children and I will always be here. How do I begin to thank each of you for your generosity and expressions of care and love: the countless cards, the beautiful flowers, the on-going meals delivered to our door, the outreach to my children, the Mass cards, and the many donations. I was touched by the sight of Davis's baseball team attending the visitation evening. My boys will treasure the cards made by their classmates. Your love and support have carried the boys and me through such a dif- ficult time. This is a business community that is truly family. I am deeply touched by the recep- tion that was organized following the fu- neral, with food and drink provided by many of Rehoboth's restaurants.., thank you to Norman Sugrue, Jen Burton, and Nancy Nard# for devoting much of their time to organize the reception. Thank you to Alex Pires, Ducky, Juli, Donna and the excellent staff at the Rusty Rudder for the benefit held March 4th for my children. Thank you to all of you who donated silent and live auction items, thank you to Butch Emmert, and especially all of you who attended. I cannot express how that evening affected me and my family. I wish I could do a better job of putting into words just how much all of y6ur out- reach has meant to us and I wish I could in- dividually thank you all. Duane had a very special place in his heart for Rehoboth and looked forward to a long life here raising our children. I hope, through this terrible accident, that we all can take a moment to be thankful that we live in such a remark- able community. Lisa Lawson and family Rehoboth Beach