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March 28, 1997     Cape Gazette
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March 28, 1997

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CAPE , Friday, March 28- Alpri] 8, 1997, 8&apos;/ We Even Get Rid Of' AN EXPLANATION FROM BOB PARKER A  of people ask m, Bob PadK, where I got the idea to get invdved wh and stay wflh all nato ural deaning and bid(oical put cont. I mu nm admit llw tnh. TI cmcept and idm I Ive   opl alone but I have taken advk from a fdend, a nntor, and dou advhK)r. You MII prol       and like/skeotical to hear me  you that this man is a wizard, tlw sa/necromancer Tror. Tmbor    I   dean and to eliminm pet odom not for me, odginally, but for his ICing Diorah (who ww then Pdnce). This is adually a love sto because Trebor didn't really devetop the formula for Prince Dk)rah nor for    B.  developed the deaning formulas for Dbrah's one love, she v,o would become K'mg Dlorah's Queen. She is Azle,  ,  . She is I baker's daughter. Folowing is their sxy and tiredly this is the whde troth of where Bob Pwker's Citrus Clean got its fo,nulas to do natural dunlng or llogical pe oontrol and to bKome "The I lrda41m .m'; 77le #Io In... ...lhe land of Suic whlchis hidden from others on Emth. Through out the cenUbs a blmk d m has  #   # with i mystic cumin. The sodety's god is to remain forever hidden from other F.wthlings who would destroy #     m. Surl wu locked in a giganlio, ominous oanym or valloy. To olhem ifs faoade is of a gigao mountain range in the Antlm. her doee up, from m neilite camer or rad   uninhabitable. In fact the ruult  the rnyao mit i m cram ttm impresdm of the great ozone hde over the south pole. This is by intent and meant to put shock and fear into osr F.arlh- s and msJs them enk noe can  thsm.'rhe Zu o  neio and Uanw- ous hde is in hac/slmply a by pluc oHhe mist. It hm be h's  a millnium md draoon is  m.y.'n odor i mpui to mot p)- pie. The Royal Family learns to live with this odor. Queen Eimm, Ix)mv lcame Imown as the leas/to,rant of these odom o any Qumm Uxouout hiato(y. She k the caUe immacu I when dw go/in a de, rig mood. wmh out. She would go lhrou the cw llke a ml while nado. Eye,rime cleam oul of m casge when II Qun is n a dunlng mood. For  Imam n. howew, she bamed to,re wih,e odor d  dragon sc. If n had LW clIce n would n  dnce bmclng was so impm to  kingdom and since there were no prod.m, no deaner that wodd totdy dean .p the odor, she learned to lye with it. Pdnoe Dlomh was bonded with Nnybor and as such lhe Queen Mother had no way d geg d d the dragon in her house, or the odor. common Suiciam "n royd lamily ms royal but no above an ohem nor above the law. In  Pdnm Dlomh had been in ge ume dines " with the daughter d a vilage baker, A,. They mined to become fdencb Irmn  muli aOs. ls rely  m Um U bakes daugtr had a keen Nine d mell, u do all bakem. Smell is nemssmy for the work d bak don you ow..ho Pne Dknh w. v,d cared for by Queen Eiram, she wm an exceSent Molher, the pce melled of dragon ard UiUn't realize il, ml no one wodd IolI ln. Iince'Otorah only came to lure the 10W hygiem becaum of hk love for Azile.  anml Imm to hokl back out oUear  anogr's beling. As mch Azile one day rduNd Io lly Mth the Pdnce Ixsuse of lhe dragon odor in his . This wm lhe beginrdng of the Pdnm's unen(ng ddve to not only elimi- nm the Idlgdom of dragon odor, but win A,'le's heart. In an lo(t Io ma ohm rJize bow humanism is dtroying the rest of Emlh, long Olorah has ukl me to  this sy. I nsums me tt mystic mist   promct Surt il mmeone is foo,ish enou to uy to fd it. In my nt lilion of this story I II tel morn aboullhe romance bwm Pnce DIorah and Aziie. I 11 indude how The Wizard Trebor came up wh U  meur dmm m, and . b the mmmmn  )u want i nmr di or m  onud for your n or om call me Ioday. issued by the dra tl)mture dilfem Ix ote tomm muxl U vdoy and  UmraUe inle.'re my nt mate  hole, proUu  vallm/from uv. and Im  tmnlum  nine, li a q)dng day a,', 12 rnonU a year. U mo   r  dung  damWr and  bd re.tuner. Them is alweys 12 houm of Ught, 12 houm o(dark. The mist proteds and , utaimthe va. Suc k an okl anU a pmuU land. re oU cotlm ( Ea I1 tun to :lence and ted',ndow, Suic hdd rue o  nmrd ways and  benes d  . m/otico u wdl ao tho dd wnyo d Ioddng to nmro nnd Cxl foe tho tndh. Tho Sur- m,n, tnk)w and hum,,nm.-woey t.mng pe from  nalural univme and from Cod. Many lmidm the Su]ciano are no nmizing h' - ei hummam  mo  oer courting. Oew  turned from loving me o  # -t evmy turn. Too much dqmm:e on acine and humanim had lead to  rely  moral and eUx:al collap d hm couture  o the unend. ing derision ofthe nWml resources d the E and wha many predk:t to be the fading d druid. By contmm.  Su love and rm  m myom. Th knowthat new   necmm oood, bigw wa  n bern,', mmmm' wa  ffecmu ww, famm' wa not neauuty quidmr. What  Sumciana take from  Earth, they  back. They keep baUnce. Uance k  Sunidam proud, a pdde Uy y dmnmd.  Suc wed a W mx ( drao, h  dmoons o end on  r d the F.mth. The dragms w II In gmt rmmmnce M lhoy aline kmp e mist in tact. They m lhe gumUians d the mist md as such am irdq)ensa to the Sums v/eximn TI land is also nl by a lkg md Quun. Bdme the n Pdn n bem ng he rest nt hind h a drs and  o In ht md so h he dram. This is mm m bng nds # is I to I like a tMn, I of one mind and spldt.As such tho long of SuIc mu always be able o no only mdmmnd Dragom but be as 0ne wilh their iml- lect and one w,h their vitalily at any 1me dudng his reign. The pdnce's Father, 'e former IQng Sggir, had been seduced by lhe dad humanism, lhe mmdalis Ewth and so his bonded drag on, Llatsew, ww formd k) help sp him bdore he destroyed Surlk: by fordng the evib d the ree ol the FJdh on 1he peoflle of Surtic. Sggir was deposed and a spd made him forget his home, land and his family, a tenibie fate for a 8urlician. The l)mding of a dragm Mh the wince is  at bih Mh  yo.ngem of the dragons. Pdn(a Dlorah wn us se( at birth to bond M the Dragm Pdncmm Nny- bor. So from an eady age the two were put together to learn to be u one and Imow each  ha Now you have to undmtmd this is m ewy siluJon m a draO- on mand, m.O fo , and b,W'm  ruuty .Addmthi  prot dthe dragon scat (do<lo) and lwdory n 0u ke cm and do). Living lh a I The pet Problem Solver Toll Free 888.736.1020. Serving All Of OWarva I I I I I I I I I I ] I I I