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Jim's Towing Service
May 2, 2003     Cape Gazette
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May 2, 2003

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Continued from page 6 money is already budgeted for this project, once the annexation decisions are ratified give the funds to the Rehoboth Beach and Dewey municipalities tobuild and protect jointly. I understand Governor Minner attended the Reboboth/Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce meeting on April 23, 2003 and al- so has initiated a monthly "Open Door after 4" for Sussex County residents. It would be great to see this issue a priority on her agenda for Sussex County. I believe she can secure the countyaud munici- pal leadership necessary to ad- dress these public safety issues. Brian Corcoran Rehoboth Beach Schroeder endorses Ippolito in Lewes Jim Ippolito is a good and how or'able man who has done an out- standing job representing the citi- zens of Lewes and has earned the right to be reelected to city coun- cil. It's been my" privilege to know Jim and his family for most of the 23 years he has resided in Lewes. From those first years in Lewes, Jim was and continues to this day, to be willing to get personally in- volved in issues critical to the city that demand attention and require decisive action. Jim has clearly demonstrated time after time the ability to understand issues from all perspectives, and then articu- late a decision in the best interests of the city. During my time as state repre- sentative of Lewes, one of my re- sponsibilities was to stay in close contact with various local govern- ment officials, with the intentof providing whatever level of assis- tance might be requested. It was always a pleasure to meet with Jim Ippolito because he was, without a doubt, always prepared to discuss the topic at hand, thor- oughly knowledgeable of any complexities, and willing to lis- ten. In six years on the council, Jim has shown a level of pr0fssi6nal maturity that both he and the town should be proud of. The relation- ship - and partnership - between the city and state has never been stronger during the past six years and is clearly reflected in the quail W of life in Lewes today. Jim Ippolito is a man of charac- ter who is passionate about Lewes and its future. In just six years as a city councilman, Jim has demon- strated a work ethic that has man- ffested itself with the dedication and devotion to the job it de- mands - and that the citizens of Lewes deserve. John Schroeder Lewes Vote for Tsantes in Lewes May I0 I have known Stephanie Tsantes since she has been on Lewes City Council. She has done a remark- able job for the citizens of Lewes. Any time a property owner has a problem, Ms. Tsantes is always willing to help in any way she can. Out of all the candidates run- ning at this time, Stephanie Tsantes stands out above all the rest because of her strong record of service to the people of Lewes. I have watched with interest the clear thinking, independent posi- tions she takes, and her prudent, conservative approach toward op- erating our city government. We need her to continue to represent our interests. My friends and fam- ily are all voting for Stephanie Tsantes, and I urge all Lewes vot- ers to do the same. William T. Poulterer Lewes Legislation would manage fisheries I wanted to take a moment to call your readers' attention to a bill that seeks some common sense changes in the way we man- age our saltwater fisheries, Senate Bill 80, introduced by State Sens. Gary Simpson and George Bunting, calls for science to be the determining factor in making decisions about how to manage our saltwater game fish resources. The bipartisan meas- ure, which I am proud to be cosponsoring i n the State House of Representatives, would impose four mandates on the officials who regulate hook-and-line fish- ing in Delaware's tidal waters. 1. Officials must be able to draw a link between the actiyity of sport fishermen and a conser- vation problem. If they want to close an area to sport fishermen, they must be able to show that other measures (e.g. - reduced creel limits, increased minimum sizes, seasonal closures, etc.) would be ineffective in address- ing the problem. 2. If an area is closed to fishing, officials would need to de what measurable benefit the clos- ing has for the affected species. The need for the closure would al- so be regularly reviewed. 3. The size of the closed area would need to be scientifically justified and it would need to be limited to the smallest area neces- sary to accomplish the conserva- tion objective. 4. The closure would end as soon as the justification for initi- ating it ceased. Senate Bill 80 will place into the code many of the best prac- tices of our current fisheries staff. It will provide rational consisten- cy to our management strategies and ensure that our saltwater management policies are fact- based and do not needlessly over- reach to accomplish conservation goals. The legislation also provides a measure of fairness for the men and women who run businesses catering to the sport fishing indus- try as well as to the fishermen themselves. SB 80 would ensure that managers employ closures only as a last resort and that they pertain to the smallest area neces- sary for the shortest duration needed. State Rep. Joe Booth Georgetown A tribute to a fallen fellow lifeguard During the 26 years that I have worked for the Rehoboth Beach Patrol I have never met a person who had the passion for life as Dave Reynolds exhibited. Every day was a new challenge for Dave, and he met these challenges head on and full speed ahead. Dave was an entertaining, kind, athletic, conscientious and re- sponsible young man who always respected the older lifeguards and the traditions they stood for. He was also a much loved teacher, coach, son, brother and husband. Last summer I had the privilege of sitting with Dave quite a few times, and I often joked with him about how I finally got to sit with another married lifeguard. He tru- ly enjoyed being married, and he constantly amazed me with the projects he was taking on around his home. I think he accomplished more work in one year of being a husband and a homeowner than I did in 21 years. As a teacher and coach for 25 years, I also admired Dave as an excellent role model. During Dave's rookie year, he sat with me one rainy day on Olive Avenue and he got to meet my son, An- drew, who was eight years old at the time. Needless to say, Dave made quite an impression on my son. In the ensuring years Dave would often inquire bow Andrew was doing with his lacrosse and surfing. In addition, whenever he would see Andrew, he always had a kind word or type of encourage- ment to offer him. This typical sign of caring always meant a lot to me, My son will be a rookie guard this coming summer, and I know that he will try to live up to the expectations that Dave would have for him. Dave, you touched so many people during your all too short life, and for this we should all feel blessed. Your spirit and zest for life will always live on, and I will never forget you. As a 50-year-old man, I am not ashamed to say that you were a role model for me and CAPE GAZE'IWE, Friday, May 2 - May 8, 2003 - 7 a hero. areas where the activity is taking Lifeguard forever, place. It's dangerous for the Joe Barranco ' skateboarders, threatening for the Lieutenant Rehoboth Beach Patrol Lewes kids deserve skateboard park The waters have finally receded here at the bottom of Washington Street, but now we have the plague of the skateboards de- scending upon us. As I returned from a long day this Sunday and was enjoying the budding crepe myrtle along the Washington carriageway, I no- ticed what looked like a circus go- ing on in front of my home. I was just looking forward to crashing at my beloved, beleagued house and relax, but found that I had to ma- neuver around racing, screaming kids on skateboards. There were at least 12 to 15 coming and going with their parents chauffeuring them back and forth. They were skating up the curbs, tearing up the new grass. They had all kinds of ramps and steel bars to skate on in the street. There were dogs and bikes and they took my neighbor's bench in- to the middle of the street. They even asked me not to park in front of my house as it was impeding their skating. A mother came running up to me and asked me to sign a petition as they have been trying for years to get a park. Our Trusty City Council for insurance reasons had always shot them down. I think the kids should take turns and skate in front of each council member's house and see how comfortable they are with it. The parents too. They seem like good kids who have been chased away all the time. The time is NOW to do something about it. Other com- munities have parks. Can't the city give them some land and have the parents construct one to keep their kids out of danger? This is a serious matter and it's an accident waiting to happen. I don't want to be the one to have to respond to a' kid cracking his head open on a city curb or, worse yet, my side- walk. It only will get worse this summer when there are a lot of cars in and out of our street as friends and relatives descend to visit. Let's give these kids a SAFE chance. They deserve it! Gregory Scott Lewes Let's petition for skateboard park Hey Lewes! There are kids in this town! We have three schools virtually downtown, and there is no area for the teens and children to have activity - namely, skate- boarding! Many of them have ordained Washington Avenue as "a spot to skateboard". And, I'm sure thege are other miscellaneous streets as well. However, these miscella- neous streets have traffic, cars parked within 10 feet, and grassy parked ears, and killing the grass by the curbs. And what's more, how much fun can it be to skate- board on a street curb? Wouldn't a skateboard park be really fun, and more obviously, appropri- ate?*.! I talked to several groups of skateboarders who were very dis- mayed at being told by police and homeowners that they could not skateboard at several particular lo- cations. Where are they to go without hassle? They have no idea. But, skateboard, they will!! And so be it - they should! Like it or not (to those of you who do not want to welcome the fact), young families live in this town, and more are coming. They have children and teens. And they have a right to have a place to go, nearby, where they are safe and not damaging property. Please, Lewes, be fair and rea- sonable, we are a-changin', and we have got to acknowledge the young community that IS here, and coming in droves! They need a place to go to do their thing - GOd bless them. After all, they are the vitality of this community, lets give them a break once and for all! It's up to Lewes families and the skateboarders to fight for it, and for City Council to see to it and remedy this dilemma. Help us in organizing a skate- board / activity area. Notify the Cape Gazette for support, or send petitions to ForGetMeNotYou Karen Van Hove Lewes Lewes UPS man always there for us I just recently read your article on Mike Taylor, the UPS driver, and was very upset to hear that he was taken off the Lewes route. My family owned a business in Lewes and Mike was our UPS driver/deliverer for the duration of the company being opened. During which time we went through some hard ship, for exam- ple, the passing of my grandfather whom of which knew Mike very well and respected him. Mike had started the Lewes route about a year before my grandfather died, which is the time I had the pleas- ure of meeting him, He always came in to my graud- father's business everyday with a smile, always had a kind word to say and even chatted a bit with my grandfather when he had the time. When my grandfather passed, Mike always made sure that our family was doing all right. He of- fered to help us cope with the loss in any way he could. I believe Continued on page 8 I Dennis Forney's Barefootin' colunm will return next week