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Jim's Towing Service
June 7, 1996     Cape Gazette
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June 7, 1996

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i | ILln n iJu II |lI!m!|jl ,mu.nlnniilill...,,.J., ................................ 74 - CAPE GAZETTE, Friday, June 7 - June 13, 1996 NOTICE Building Permits Continued from Page 73 NOTIal OF PLIC llBARS A88BB8]aO ROLS FOR DI llIACll WATER DZICT DI'NET BIA r IIANTART 8IWBR DZSTILTCT BZTHAY n TARY S DISTIITCT SOWZI BITHANY TY SENSE DZS21LCT FIHII(Z IIILAII SKNZTARY HR DZI2ZCT BLADI8 8ARZTARY IIWIR DISTAZ' 2OP! AXIS SANZTARY SZlfl DZSZCT LONG ]RICK SJUdZTAR SrdFJP. DZS231ZCT DAGSBORO-FRAMKFOP.D SANZTJUliY IIiflIR DZSST.ICT WIST it]lOBO21I IXPANSZON OF THE Dlnfl BlrJU SAILJLRY Ill, riP. DZSTRZCZ' o D Bosch WstoE DiltriCt, Ds Bsach Samita Sewer DistriCt, Bo'kamy Beach S=nitary Sewer DLItE:Lct (ncZudng SlULSlIX Shores amd Norr.h Botu=y Expamxon), sour Bethany S-niCety Sortie District, Fonvick IsZiul SiDits astor DLsict, BZsdoe Samit Sowlr District, Henlopen ACEOO IilLtI-r SslI: DimtEIct, LODg Hock S'nitaZ Sower DlmCrict, Dogsbo=o-F:a=Jcfoz Samita=y SQVE DimitieS# "d West Rehoboh Expnion of the Dewey Beach 88nit Sower DisCrict 8ssosmIent rolls for the period from Jul F 1, 1556 tb=ough June 30, 1957 have bee oaploto4 Imd SiZed i thl SUIIOX COtlty UtlZity Division located st the eo.houss JLDIX, Race and Pine 8txoc'.a, Gsorwoto, IZaworo. 'l'qzo iSSSSIIIOt Eoll I Uy be roviiMed i "ke SuIeex CouL Utility Divisio botweoo tI hou=s of 8:30AM m 4:30 l! , Zoos1 tI, Mo=lays though Fridays, except o ZegaZ hoZidsyi rocosmlzod by qo SUlIeX County Co,moil. Sussex County Council w11 IIet and hoZd public hearing st 11:00 AN , locsZ time, on .tlold&y, UO 11, 1996, l ComciZ the=born, Room 115, Conrthoume, Georgotmm, Ilaworo to beet co",Iidsr amy obeotionI 4ch may hi lids to the SllOSmOt rOlls. Tb proposed =nuol sozico amd assoemnt charges used in pr@erdg "ks sslsllot rOlZl srs presented below. SUI,Y OF ANNUAL SERVICE CHARGES AND ASSESSDrr CHARGES JULY 1, 1996 -  30, 1997 D:trict DEWEY BFC WATER Df BIUC 81NIIR * RITAN U IIWI * SUSIIZ SOR s * R BEY IXPANSZO z sOOTII RII"IIAN SltGDt * FIDnCK ZIIJUD lllfl * BLDI SlWll * Annusl Service $1u 146.00 243 14 205.44 205.44 205.44 218.42 195.10 231.63 usl JsoeInt hrs TrlLOIIIIIiOn DiItrlbutlon and/or or Collection Trooment S/foot S/foot 0.78 0.05 0.$4 0.23 0.44 0,25 4.12 0.25 4,86 8.13 0.55 0.20 1.15 0.22 0.68 0.27 0.83 0.3B II, OPIACIS Sllfl * 376.47 LONG NEC Iifl * 157.62 3.29 0.70 DSIORO-/l-ZqrOl SllflI * 219.41 0.81 0.71 WIST IIOI IXPANSZO * 202.00 2.48 2.83 $/oot 1.63 0.77 0.69 4.37 12.99 0.75 1.37 0.55 1.01 3.59 1.52 5.31 Property Transfers If. PII o! Do IOIII hllb IILta Iur DLl:iI |OOl llllII IIIOglI|I |OOtlgO lOS 2. lit 0 tI Detmy IIIC l&DItI SetmE DIELIt e " iIlI aLalonc dvelll3 unlt *SO unee in Il ieo chzgI Oll  COU=II will silo IiE o pIod tI cIt: l for "ko period 'ow 'u1 1, 1991 Jrough hIS 30, 1997 r b Deve Boamh Water District, Dmm F Bosch ItIIwe: Dis=tc, BeInlesSIitSeIr DiStriCt, IOU'kiohIDSamtq lewI: DII.ELCC, FoDtrloh ZII IIII Ir DII.TLCl, BZ'AOS I---4tq Iew: DLSTICt, HsoloponArsI 8amtarSwer DIitrct, Long Hook ItaxSewr District, kgibo-Fruko Santsz fewer District, and Welt Rehobo IxmloD of bI DI Iooch Iant Iewer Distrit. lyottCICtlO:Czlo ok-S1 bo Lnsdtontol O'kIIUI lSlOiltlIdI 4mClCtI'k I furnLlhiSlgowIts: Or II iSICl, III bO b111IdIdpliblI 4-Iex4etonnodby eCom. The p=opoIed itI o=m=tio chazaI s=s prosamtodbslow. SUMMARY OF PROPOSED SYST'/ CONNECTION GES JULY I, 1996 - JUNE 30, 1997 TotoZ tem ecti FeSp DLatrLct $ DBeshWator* 570 Devey BeeCh Ior* 2,052 BllOlCh IIE* 2,052 BouhBo Iewer* 2,052 Pomok ZoladImm:* 2,271 Blades Iovo=* 570 km2opamAroI Iovo* 2,052 ]rlgNock Serif* 1,997 DSgsboro-FrDkfO iIW:* 3,880 Welt Rbo h XIiOn* 2,808 *NO lncriUl  IltIICti Ol--vll ASter boldLl  public hetrII, Ule S,lsex j, COIL1 wtl1 establish, st one of its roglmrly ICbeclId mIoLDgo, bo asSosIImt roZlI ta be known rsIICtiLy SO the "Dewey BoaWstoDlmt:iOtbliSlt, I "JsI--4uSowr DlstriotAIOOmlIIIIt, a IOllIl BoIub Sall:LtSZlr IIWO: Die,ice bloelot, "orh h IpllO of the Iot3Dy Bosch IaI1iIeIE Dioct, a mI'kIoIIaItqSmmr DIItCicMlIlIt, e eFenwikZlII SaIewer DistrotIOIiIt,  IIlIi IIIer DIIIIIOSlt,  mIIl rII IIito IIIr Dlct IIIIIt  "kk SlltI IIIr DIItrIct ISlSlt#* ODboo-Prakfo/d IamltaIIWer ICtlOlIt.  IIWolt'kIamsof "ks D IoI IIt' SE DIItEiCt IOII. s iOlI OOIO Itld  thS Office of be erk o o IJex Com/ Council, the Iuso County Com=1 I-OrS relexly eviz sId st 10:00 e.I., lees1 SLam, in bs CoroIo, George--, Ilawars. After holding "ks 3b1 hes=JgI, e luaiex County CouncllmaFmle oF aie=d ,ks aIIOIient ro11I oi t 4I necoasy o5 uIt and IIy onfizl amd sdopt "ks amsosaIet roZls so o:igJJlly pIed, oF ss Id, or . Joe B. and Robert D. Crain, Tru Vale Acres, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, foundation and steps, $2,390. K. Ashley Dey and Janet Regan, Woodcrest, Baltimore Hundred, dwelling, $67,400. Drew Clendaniel, Rt. 588, North- west Fork Hundred, remodeling, $6,550. Robert and Rebecca Kelly, Del- mar, Little Creek Hundred, dwelling, $82,925. Charles E. Clendaniel Jr., Rt. 225, Cedar Creek Hundred, unattached garage, $11,684. Donald and E. Paula Stewart, The Greens, Baltimore Hundred, dwelling, $123,142. John C. and Edith May, Breakwa- ter Beach, Baltimore Hundred, decks, $8,228. Lawrence Giordano, Cape Shores, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, dwelling, $113,749. Burton and Ann Fink, Swann Keys, Baltimore Hundred, relocate shed and deck, $1,400. Francis Jr. and Patti Fulghum, Bald Eagle Village, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, dwelling, $99,275. Martha Russell, Bay Vista, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, fence and shed, $3,870. RDM, Inc. (Ackerley), The Greens, Baltimore Hundred, dwelling, $105,270. RDM, Inc. (Scully), The Greens, Baltimore Hundred, dwelling, Robert E. McCormack, Lewes, to Loft Ann White, Lewes, Lots 18 and 20, DeVries Circle Development, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, $205,000. David A. Freyman, Silver Spring, Md., to Edward A. and Jeanne Weis, Dagsboro, Lot 27. Blk. D, The Greens at Indian River, Sec. Ill, Bal- timore Hundred, $28,500. Nelson Lee and Kim Yvonne Poe, Arnold, Md., to Ellen V. Cannon, Fredericksburg, Va., Lot 7, Blk. C, Breakwater Estates, Lewes and Re- hoboth Hundred, $70,000. John P. Either, Washington, D.C., to Lawrence and Kathryn M. McKay, Fairfax, Va., Lots 13 and 14, Blk. C, Terrace Rd., Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, $175,000. Susan M. Mund, Towson, Md., to Florann J. Audia, McLean, Va., Lot 5, The Canal, Bethany Beach, Balti- more Hundrd, $185,000. Olga H. MacDonald, Federalsburg, Md., to Herbert F. Levy and John L. Oberforfer, trustees, Lot 8, Blk. 3, See, 1, Bethany West, Bethany Beach, Baltimore Hundred, $55,000. James B. Krewatch Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa., to Joseph P. and Gall F. Carney, Frankford, Lot 18, Blk, 8, Sec. B, Re- hoboth Beach Yacht and Country Club, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, $31,900. Collins Acres General Partnership, Millsboro, to Randy D. and Dania W. Ramirez, Harbcson, Lot 8, Country View, Dagsboro Hundred, $35,500. Clearwater Land Ltd., Bethany Beach, to Edgar J. and Phyllis N. Townsend, Newark, Unit 141, Ph. 1, $110,144. George William Marshall, The Hollys, Cedar Creek Hundred, dwelling, $174,045. Randall A. Miller, Greenwood, Northwest Fork Hundred, addition and remodeling, $3,500. Tracy Collins, Laurel Village, Broad Creek Hundred, deck and shed, $1,220. David and Dorothy Moore, Fish Hook Mobile Home Park, Dagsboro Hundred, deck, $1,632. Jane Wheatley, Rehoboth Bay, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, open deck, $1,088. Harold and Kathleen Bates, Shady Park, Baltimore Hundred, deck, $2,O40. Myron S. and Dorothy S. Wells, Swann Estates, Baltimore Hundred, dwelling, $105,688. Gary and Ila Waller, Rt. 30, Seaford Hundred, dwelling, $147,408. Robert and Lisa A. Hoban, Smith- field Acres, Baltimore Hundred, un- attached garage, $11,648. Madison Ave. Corp., Madison Ave., Baltimore Hundred, deck and relocate gazebo, $5,000. William Scott trust, Keen Wik, Baltimore Hundred, repair bulkhead, $11,320. Cooper's Corner, Rt. 395, Balti- more Hundred, interior remodeling, $1,000. Half Moon Bay , Bal- timore Hundred, $124,500. Joyce Ann Lafferty and Norma Jean Moore, Rehoboth Beach, to Deborah R. Knight, Millsboro, Lot B, Bowden Acres, Indian River Hun- dred, $60,000. Austin F. and Beverly Rogers Ok- ie, to Charles E. III and Rose M. Scott, Aston, Pa., Lot 4, Woodlyn Estates, Indian River Hundred, $24,900. Clearwater Land, Ltd., Bethany Beach, to William F. and Barbara M. Osborne, Greenbelt, Md., Lot 15, Village B, Newport Village, Balti- more Hundred, $145,500. James E. and Joan E. Grant, Fair- fax Station, Va., to Glen D. and Karen M. Smith, Severn, Md., Lot 30, Blk. A, KeenWik, Baltimore Hundred, $152,500. Richard C. and Linda M. Tippett, Mt. Airey, Md., to Mieahel J. and Sharon A. Fagan, Stroudsburg, Pa., Lot 16, Blackwater Cove, Baltimore Hundred, $17,000. Paul S. and Barbara W. Collins, to Jack and Louise Johnson, Millsboro, Lot 3, Blk. C, Warwick Park, Indian River Hundred, $175,000. Houston-White Company, Re- hoboth Beach, to John H. Sr. and Yvonne R. Parker, Millsboro, two tracts, Millsboro, Dagsboro Hundred, $75,000. Bay Vista, Inc., Rehoboth Beach, to George T. and Ddoris M. Thomp- son, Wilmington, Lot 13A, Blk. 32, Sec. 6, Rehoboth Beach Yacht and Country Club, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, $31,500.