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July 25, 2006     Cape Gazette
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July 25, 2006

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26 - CAPE GAZETTE - Tuesday, July 25 - Thursday, July 27, 2006 Part II: Breast Cane ,,r Incidence of male breast cancer is increasing [This is the last installment of a three-part series on breast can- cer.] Breast cancer strikes most often when men are in their 60s. Male breast cancer? Men do have breast cells that can become cancerous. The disease is uncom- mon in men. It represents only 1 percent of all breast cancers. Because of its rarity, many men aren't aware it exists. And that's a problem. For unknown reasons, the inci- dence of male breast cancer has been increasing. About 2,000 men in the United States are diagnosed HEALTHY GEEZER Fred Cicetti with breast cancer annually. Young boys and girls have a breast tissue contains ducts, but small amount of 'b:::ota W :0ny lobules. made up of a few duoi *ommon symptom of female hormones ie breast cancer is the same as ty, breast ducts grow, milit it is for women - a lump. form and fat increase. The male Other signs include skin dim- hormones in boys prevent further pling, a new indentation of the growth of breast tissue. Men's nipple, redness or scaling of breast skin, a clear or bloody discharge from the nipple. Some risk factors for male breast cancer are as follows: Age - The average age for a man diagnosed with breast cancer is 67. Family - About 20 percent of men with breast cancer are related to someone with the disease. Genes - About 7 percent of breast cancers in men are inherit- ed. Radiation - There's a higher risk to men who underwent chest radiation treatments when they were younger. Klinefelter syndrome - Men with this syndrome make lower IVeL5 of male hormones - andro- gens- and more female hormones. This can cause gynecomastia, benign breast enlargement. Men with this condition may be at greater risk of breast cancer. Many medicines used to treat filcers, high blood pressure, and heart failure can cause gyneco- mastia, too. Estrogen - The risk is small for men who take estrogen - the main female hormone. Estrogen drugs may be used to treat prostate can- cer. Liver disease This can increase your risk of gynecomas- tia and breast cancer. Obesity - Fat cells convert androgens into estrogen. Alcohol - Drinking alcohol raises the odds that a man will develop breast cancer. The risk increases with the amount of alco- hol consumed. If a man has a family history of the disease, he should consult a doctor about regular testing. Diagnostic tests for men include a clinical breast exam, mammo- grams, ultrasound, biopsy and, if indicated, a nipple-discharge exam. Breast cancer treatment for men is similar to that given to women. Some men may need only surgery. Others will need surgery and radi- ation, chemotherapy or hormone therapy. There isn't much tissue to a man's breast, so removing the cancer usually means excising most of the tissue. The procedures that are used on women to save breast tissue aren't practicable for men. Most men with breast cancer require a modified radical mastec- tomy. In this procedure, a surgeon removes the entire breast and some underarm lymph nodes, but leaves chest muscles intact. Fred Cicetti is a first-class geezer over 60 who writes a health column for senior" citizens. To ask a question, send an email to fredcicetti @ gmail, com. Eating ricks VapoRub may harm baby Q. My daughter's friend is preg- anecdotal reports that this dietary A. According to a study pub- A. Blood pressure varies PEOPLE'S PHARMACY supplement also can lower choles- terol. In addition to relieving dry eyes, there is some data suggesting that TheraTears Nutrition might improve dry-mouth symptoms in people with Sjogren's syndrome. Birth control and libido Q. Thank you for highlighting the fact that birth control pills reduce libido in some people. I had this problem and had to figure it out myself. Doctors sent me for psychological counseling when the problem was hormonal. Libido does not return automati- cally when you.stop the oral con- traceptive. A short - two or three " weeks - daily dose of bioidentical testosterone will bring desire back. I took 1 mg sublingual bioidentical testosterone prescribed by my doc- tor and prepared by a compound- ing pharmacy. Another thing about the pill: The progesterone has a depressant effect for some people. Doctors may prescribe antidepres- sants instead of addressing the cause of the problem. lished in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (January 2006), women taking oral contraceptives may have less interest in sex as well as less arousal. This seems to be caused by lower levels of testos- terone circulating in the blood- stream. The therapy that worked for you - stopping the pill and tak- ing testosterone for a short time - might help other women. A doctor familiar with the effects of birth control pills on sexuality should supervise the treatment. Joe and Teresa Graedon Blood pressure concerns Q. Why do blood pressure read- ings vary so much? Mine was 124/72 in the morning and went to 144/85 in the afternoon. I don't take blood pressure pills, just OTC allergy medicine. throughout the day, but deconges- tants in allergy pills may raise it. Editor's note: Joe Graedon is a pharmacologist, and Teresa Graedon is a medical anthropolo- gist. Write to them in care of King Features Syndicate, 888 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10019, or at Bayhealth offers free diabetes screenings About 66,000 Delawareans are believed to have diabetes, but only 45,000 have been diagnosed. Bayhealth Medical Center offers free diabetes screenings from 1 to 3 p.m., every Wednesday, at Milford Memorial Hospital Outpatient Services Department, 21 West Clarke Ave., Milford. Eor details call, toll-free, 302-744- 7135. nant and eats Vicks VapoRub. I read in one of your articles about people eating something that's not food. Is it caused by some sort of vitamin deficiency? A. Vicks VapoRub may have many uses, but it should not be eaten! This familiar salve contains camphor, which can be toxic when ingested. Even if it didn't harm the woman herself, there is the baby to consider. People sometimes feel compelled to eat strange things if they are deficient in minerals, par- ticularly iron or zinc. Your daugh- ter's friend should be tested to see if she is missing one of these essential minerals. Correcting the deficiency should ease her craving. Eye drops reduce cholesterol Q. Several years ago, our optometrist prescribed my husband a product called TheraTears Nutrition to relieve dry eyes. The daily dose of three softgels con- tains omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil (EPA 450 mg, DHA 300 mg), 1,000 mg organic flaxseed oil, 187 IU vitamin E (as d-alpha toco- pherol), and 20 mg mixed toco- pherol concentrate (including gamma tocopherol). The last time my husband's cho- lesterol was checked, it had dropped from around 250 to 150. Could TheraTears Nutrition have contributed to this change? A. We checked with the scientist who developed this nutritional supplement, Dr. Jeffrey Gilbard. He says there are a number of Amazing Breaktllrough Sciatica Treatment! The DRX 9000 is FDA approved and has been clinically proven with an 86% success rate with the pain and symptoms associated with her- niated and/or bulging discs...even after failed surgery. The DRX 9000 Works for... Back Pain Sciatica Herniated and/or bulging discs (single or multiple) Degenerative disc disease A relapse or failure following surgery Facet syndromes PAID ADVERTISEMENT Painless Treatment! 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