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August 1, 1997     Cape Gazette
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August 1, 1997

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8 - CAPE GAZETTE, Friday, August 1- August 7, 1997 Letters Continued from page 6 er I don't think it's a coincidence the owner doesn't live on Pilot- town Road. I believe he might have built differently if his kids grew up running past the canal. I'd bet he thinks he put up an at- tractive, secured compound. Which he did. The question is, does the neighborhood want these commercial compounds? This is where we live 12 months a year. Or maybe he would disagree with my opinion altogether. Does this mean that bur new neighbor is a bad person? Does this mean that something nefarious is afoot in City Hall? Absolutely not. The only conclusion necessary or rele- vant is that we need a more con- cise law. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the law is tenta- tive at best. The city needs a more concise ruling so that their mis- sion is' clear. This will also help to remove any neighborly disputes. We don't need to ridicule each other to make positive changes. We just need to find out how the majority feels and act on it. A brief and painless moratorium on gazebos so that an open dialog can be established on a zoning matter is a good thing. It's down- right sensible in that it takes the pressure off both sides so that the issue can be discussed rationally. In fact, good points can be made on either side of this argument so it is imperative the debate be ra- tional. This might even serve as a spark to resolve the whole canal issue (for better or for worse). By the way, I do live on Pilottown Road. I live in a home which many years ago had one-third of its canal land taken under duress by the Town of Lewes. This does not change my mind on the 'open space and R1 zoning' laws and what they were intended to do. J. Scott de Kuyper Lewes Beware pitfalls of jet skis My daughter was in a jet ski ac- cident on the Fourth of July. God was looking after her and she came through with relatively mi- nor injuries, but it could have been a lot worse: It seems with jet skis that if you leave off the gas, you lose the ability to steer. Not at all like dri- ving a car. This is a powerful and dangerous machine. I had no idea how dangerous. Please take a course to ride safely. Edith Page McClure Lewes In response to Hate Crime Bill comment I feel compelled to respond to a statement made by Meredith Hunter, president of PFLAG (Par- ents, Families and Friends of Les- bians and Gays) during a ceremo- ny to sign Delaware's new hate crime bill. She said, "We thank you for acknowledging that sexual orientation is as unchangeable a characteristic as your race, color, disability or national origin," in the July 18 edition of the Cape Gazette. Is homosexuality genetically determined and therefore as un- changeable as one's race or skin color? Many Americans believe it is. Why? Because this theory had been widely promoted to project homosexual behavior in a more positive light. How can society say that a certain set of behaviors is wrong or immoral if the orienta- tion to do them is inborn and can- not be changed? Taking a look at another issue that is not as emotionally charged as homosexuality gives another perspective. Researchers have found a genetic link to encourage the adolescent son of an alcoholic to give in to the desire to drink heavily and become an alcoholic. A genetic orientation does not au- tomatically translate into the be- havioral result of that orientation, nor does it make the behavior ac- ceptable and moral. The son of an alcoholic can abstain from alcohol and thus avoid all the unhealthy consequences of alcoholism. The fact is that homosexuality has not been proven to be exclu- sively genetic in origin. Yes, there have been several studies that the media has put forth as proof, but they are not exclusive by any means. One example is a 1991 study by Dr. Simon LeVay. He examined 41 brains of cadavers, specifically looking at a group of neurons in the hypothalamus- He reported that homosexuality is in- born because this area of the hy- pothalamus was larger in homo- sexual men. However, there were as many as six flaws in this study that significantly compromised the results and hardly made them conclusive, Many people cite twin studies as evidence. In another 1991 study, Michael Bailey of North- western and Richard Pillard of Boston University School of Med- icine compared sets of identical male twins with at least one ho- mosexual in each set. Only in 52 percent of sets were both twins homosexual. That means 48 per- cent of these identical twins who have very similar genetic make-up were not homosexual. This indi- cates that something other than genetics must be involved in caus- ing homosexuality. A recent two year study by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality gives strong proof that sexual orienta- tion can be altered significantly in many cases, Ninety-nine percent of the participants said that thera- py to change homosexuality can be valuable and effective and 82 percent of psychotherapists sur- veyed said they believe therapy can help change unwanted homo- sexuality. The best evidence to support that homosexuals can change is the real-life testimonials of people who have changed and now lead a happy, healthy, heterosexual life. Every month the news letter of Exodus International (North America), an umbrella organiza- tion of ex-gay groups, publishes the life story of a man or woman who has indeed changed and left behind a lifestyle that left them empty and depressed. Some would say these people are de- ceiving themselves and have not really changed. Reading one of these life stories and hearing the transformation from alcohol, drugs and empty relationships to in some cases being happily mar- ried with several children may change some minds. Most ex-gays say that it was/is not always easy, but that it is more than worth it! This letter will evoke many strong feelings among the people in the area who adamantly dis- agree with this opinion. However, the other point if view needs to be heard so that people can have in- telligent and open discussion of the facts. Openly discussing two sides of an issue is healthy, right? Sincerely and respectfully, Nancy S. Ewing Milton Hats off to Kramedas My hat is off to Kathy Kramedas-McGuinnes and Anne Made Burnell, the powers behind Rehoboth Beach Main Street. They brought our community to- gether for the biggest event we have experienced in over a decade - fireworks for our Independence Day celebration. As a token of our appreciation, let us all, commer- cial and others, get behind them for next year's celebration. Sheridan Besosa Rehoboth Beach Casa thankspost offices Casa San Francisco would like to thank all the individuals who supported the Bethany Beach, Harbeson, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and Milton Post Offices' recent food drive. We received so many non-perishable food items for our emergency food pantry that we were able to restock our shelves. Thanks to all who contributed. Marian Bau, Director Casa San Francisco Rehoboth city crew is great The following letter was sent to Rehoboth Beach City Manager Greg Ferrese with a copy submit- ted to the Cape Gazette for:publi- cation. On a Saturday morning two weeks ago, a female mallard and her eight very young ducklings went walking. At the corner of Oak Avenue and Second Street, she led them across the storm drain, and plop, plop, plop, three of the babies fell through the iron grate. The mother began squawk- ing, and the fallen babies began squeaking. We weren't able to lift the storm drain cover. With little hope of reaching the city manager's office on a Saturday, I called anyway and the phone was answered. I ex- plained the non-human emer- gency, expecting the person to tell me that there were no city workers available for this sort of a problem on a Saturday. The city manager's office per- son said, "Let me see if I can get B.J." When B.J. arrived five min- utes later, another two chicks had fallen down into the sewer. B.J. tried to lift the cover, and then, went to get a tool to pry up the gate. Many neighbors went to their garages to find crowbars and crab nets to rescue the babies. The grate was opened and four chicks were scooped out with crab nets. The fifth chick had wandered into the sewer pipe, but finally, by making noise on one side of the street, we drove him to the catch basin and rescued him also. When the last one was returned, the mother and chicks immediately marched across Oak Avenue to- wards the lake. She knew how many babies she had and waited 'til she had them all! Many thanks to B.J., and to the city for being so responsive to a little environmental preservation event in Rehoboth! Ann Gaffney Rehohoth Vote in election This is a reminder directed to all registered voters of the City of Rehoboth Beach. The annual city elections takes place on Saturday, Aug. 9, 1997 in the Convention Center between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. There are three very worthy candidates vying for the two open seats on the Board of Commis- sioners. The term for each seat is three years, Please mark this important date on your calendar and be sure to cast your vote on Saturday, Aug. 9, 1997. Thank you. Evelyn Dick Thoronghgood Rehoboth Beach Thanks to Atlantic Sands and staff Mega thanks to Katie Cahill, general manager, and Dave Ack- erman, sales director, of Atlantic Sands for the super July 6 fundraiser they hosted for the Re- hoboth Beach Library's Capital Campaign. A special thanks to all the Atlantic Sands' employees who donated their personal time on behalf of this fundraiser and to Gene Lankford and the Messrs. Flickingers who donated all the expenses. Also thanks to those merchants who gave items for the silent auction. Katie and Dave's recognition that the library's Capital Cam- paign to renovate and expand the present library building needed encouragement and support from the business community is appre- ciated deeply. With support like theirs, we know that a larger and better equipped library for the 21st century will become reality for the Rehoboth Beach commu- nity. Libraries' services are free to everyone, thus benefiting every- one., Thanks again for a job well clone ! ! The Library Board of Trustees and Staff LHS Craft Fair a success The Lewes Historical Society Craft Fair on Saturday, July 12, was a tremendous success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many individuals and businesses who played such a vi- tal part in making the craft show the stellar event that it was. Special thanks go to Lloyd's IGA, La Rosa Negra, Kupchick's, Cinnamon Falls, Bayside Bake Shoppe, The Buttery, Taste of Heaven, The Rose and Crown, The Roadhouse, and Dunkin' Donuts for their delicious contri- butions. We also thank the local media, The Coast Press, The Cape Gazette, The Delaware State News, The News Journal and WBOC for their excellent cover- age of the event. We extend a special thank you to all of the Lewes Historical So- ciety members and volunteers who gave so freely of their time and energy to make the day run smoothly. A big thank you to you all. Successes such as this would not be possible without the com- munity spirit exhibited by all of the people and businesses men- tioned here. Carolyn Lester chairperson Steve Rodgers Lou Braithwaite Lewes Historical Society Craft Fair Hooray for Smiley! I am forwarding a letter the Re- hoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce received from a grateful family who was spared a parking ticket when one of our "Smiley Program" quarters found its way into their meter. As you may have heard, the Chamber of Commerce imple- mented a new program this sea- son, where Chamber representa- tives sporadically feed meters that are about to expire, with a quarter and "buy some more time" for one of our visitors. A small coin enve- lope is placed on the windshield of the car explaining the program, and if the driver feels so inclined, can contribute a quarter back to the "Smiley Fund." The "Smiley Program" has been an incredibly successful "visitor- friendly" project, and the Cham- ber is proud to be associated with it. Of course, responses back from recipients such as the Mushinski family make it all the more worth- while. I thought your readers might be interested! Carol A. Everhart, executive director Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce Thank you for "buying" us more time on the meter on our re- cent trip to your beach (6/25/97). We had taken a day trip to show our 19-month old daughter the ocean and beach and had been so busy on the boardwalk that we forgot the meter. It was a nice sur- prise to find your gift and not a ticket, as we had anticipated. Thanks again. Jon, Tara, Taylor Mushinski Boyertown, Pa.