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August 29, 1997     Cape Gazette
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August 29, 1997

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8 - CAPE GAZETTE, Friday, Continued from page 6 which has been ignored in these pages and by Mayor Frederick, was a best seller in two different years. My five books on John Kennedy's murder have had a massive effect, and a President's board, run by a federal judge whom I work closely with, is ex- amining many witnesses from those terrible events in 1963. I care deeply about what hap- pened to Jack. So did the House of Representatives in 1978 when its Select Committee found that there was a conspiracy in the assassina- tion of President Kennedy. Do critics in Dewey explain away my huge scientific team and vast research and writing as a "theory" (as they have implied) without having read any of my books? My first published novel, under a pen name, had the highest recommendations in "The New York Times Book Review." Re- cently, the Times commended me for settling a medical question that has bothered doctors for decades. Look me up in "Who's Who in the World" and the next "Who's Who in America" (they jumped me past that first) because my work is known all across the world in every language and Kyo- do News Service covers me close- ly. This summer, the President's board in Washington began the process of teaching the public the truth in John Kennedy's murder. First came a wire story where for- mer President Gerald Ford admit- ted that he lied and changed the position of President Kennedy's back when he was on the Warren Commission. Next was a wire story that Warren Commissioner John J. McClory did not believe their own report and knew there was a conspiracy. We already knew that most of the others didn't believe it either, but they had to keep the lid on the over- throw of the government. This fall a lot more will come out, as all of the Bethesda Naval Hospital doctors and the photog- rapher were re-interviewed in the National Archives last year. All of this happened because of my five books, and for no other rea- son. Anyone who doesn't believe in governmental conspiracies is a fool. As for my "small-time" press, I've had my publishing company for 21 years, and have propelled several books to nation- al prominence and the best seller's list. I'm not a "free-lance" either and never have so described my- self. I'm a book writer. By deni- grating my credentials or avoiding the issue I raise, they attack my right to speak and criticize. They distort the whole picture, no mat- ter what it is. I have tried to live this life with great honesty and help others, to live it as a good Christian. It is horrifying to me to encounter petty politicians with dictatorial and predatory attitudes, and their supporters, who smear those with whom they disagree, desperately hold onto their power like berserk control freaks. August 29- September 4, 1997 There are obviously very high stakes, for the mayor, the commis- sioners and their supporters to fight so viciously. These people landed here a few years ago and think they own this town, which is a fragile sand spit given in their care and stewardship by God for a few short years for all of us. This beach was a trust given unto them. What the good Lord giveth, He shall taketh away. Harrison E. Livingstone Baltimore, Md. Dewey thanks Rehoboth The following letter was sent to Rehoboth Beach mayor Sam Cooper, the Rehoboth Beach com- missioners and Rehoboth Beach city manager Gregory Ferrese, with a copy submitted to the Cape Gazette for publication. On behalf of the Town of Dewey Beach, I would like to thank you so much for your con- sideration of our request to utilize your beach cleaning equipment. It is reassuring to know that your prompt and positive response re- inforces the fact that we truly are "good neighbors." As you are aware, the Town of Dewey Beach has no Public Works Department and we need to have more than one avenue to pursue such an important function such as beach cleaning. I think it's a very effective plan that our Town Managers simply commu- nicate on an as-needed basis re- garding the utilization of your beach cleaning equipment. The whole issue of beach cleaning and grooming takes on an even more significant role now that we have successfully lobbied for our joint replenishment project. Once again, we extend to Rehoboth our appreciation for providing a possi ble solution to meeting Dewey's goals for beach cleaning. Robert G. Frederick mayor Dewey Beach RAL says thanks The Rehoboth Art League's 24th annual Outdoor Fine Art and Crafts Show was a tremendous success, due in large part to the cooperation the league received from the residents, staff and lead- ership of the Town of Henlopen Acres. Town Manager Jennifer Burton and Chief of Security Bill Shipley worked with the staff of the league to make sure that things ran smoothly for all involved, and their hard work contributed great- ly to the success of the show. I am especially appreciative of Officer Shipley and his staff's willingness to brave the heat of the second weekend as they worked to make parking easier for everyone. I am also grateful for the patience of the residents, par- ticularly our close neighbors. Your flexibility is an invaluable contribution to the league. Many thanks to all of you from the staff, members and the Board of Trustees of the Rehoboth Art League. Nancy M. O'Brien RAL executive director PFLAG responds to Ewing letter Editor's Note: Meredith Hunter, president of PFLAG of Sussex County, wrote a very lengthy response to Nancy Ew- ing's letter on homosexuality. Due to the length of this re- sponse, we have decided to run it in its entirety over the next few weeks. This is the third part. Which brings us to the next set of "research" quoted by Ms. Ew- ing, a study by the National As- sociation for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality that purportedly shows sexual orien- tation can be "altered significant- ly." The statistics given by Ms. Ewing, in reality, shows that the therapists involved in such thera- py (and only 82 percent at that?) believe that therapy can "help change unwanted homosexuali- ty" and that th e therapy partici- pants, obviausly highly motivat- ed to alter their orientation and wanting to believe that they can do so, think that therapy can be "valuable and effective." These results hardly seem surprising givenwho was "studied" and prove absolutely nothing about the efficacy of conversion thera- py. It is valuable to note that this organization was formed in 1992 by a group of therapists who want to promulgate the alteration of gay sexual orientation to a het- erosexual one (coincidentally lin- ing their pockets at the same time). Interestingly, one of the founders is a Dr. Socarides, whose son is gay and is employed as the White House represerita- tive overseeing gay and lesbian concerns. It is obvious that he has not been able to successfully ad- just his childto a more "re- spectable" orientation! The two nationally esteemed and enduring mental health organizations, the American Psychological Associ- ation (APA) and the American Psychiatric Association, have both branded reparative therapy a hoax and have taken an official stand against it. Bryant Welch, a director of the APA, says that "efforts to 'repair' homosexuals are nothing more than social prej- udice garbed in psychological ac- couterments." According to the APA, people who voluntarily enter these pro- grams are doing so because of a social bias "that has resulted in internalized homophobia." Doesn't it make sense that they believe therapy can and will help them? It is a way out of their suf- fering at the hands of homo- phobes and bigots. Again there is NO published evidence support- ing the efficacy of "reparative therapy ?" If your "best evidence," Ms. Ewing, that "homosexuals can change" relies on information generated by Exodus Internation- al, you will have to reconsider your position. Exodus is an um- brella organization of religion- based groups who believe they are carrying out the wishes of the founder of their religion, Jesus Christ (who was actually silent on homosexuality) by trying to change homosexual people into heterosexual people. These groups attempt to portray repara- tive therapists as concerned citi- zens, but the psychological dam- age caused by their methods is well-documented; the fact that gays and lesbians cannot change their orientation has also been supported by numerous hetero- sexual psychologists and psychi- atrists through objective research. When Exodus was contacted for concrete information by an inde- pendent party, their executive di- rector stated he had "rio idea how many people go through counsel- ing," nor did he have an answer concerning the success rate. Lest you think this was an isolated in ..... cident, Exodus has consistently refused or been unable to provide ANY verifiable statistical evi- dence supporting their claims in the last 18 years, nor will they ever allow any independent con- firmation of the data they do of- fer. Much of their proffered infor- mation conflicts with other infor- mation they have given and is therefore highly suspect. Exodus has made the claim that 70 per- cent of the lesbians and gay men who complete its year-long pro- gram are either celibate or living as heterosexuals; again, this glowing report cannot be verified and, looked at in more detail, you will find that their long-term fig- ures fail to deliver such good re- sult. Only 30 percent are still "free" from homosexual behavior after five years and only three percent are "successful hetero- sexuals" after seven years - an unimpressive result by any thera- peutic standard? Some statistics we can verify are that, from 1974-1993, 76 percent of all the Exodus organizations failed (and that is pulled from their own da- ta). We can also verify that the two men who were instrumental in es- tablishing Exodus proved to be stunning failures at being "cured" having fallen in love and leaving the movement to form a stable male marriage. Gary Busse and Michael Cooper, whose story served as the core of the film, "One Nation Under God," be- came a major embarrassment to the movement spearheaded by Exodus (although Exodus should be used to it - the numbers of leaders who have left this organi- zation far exceeds the numbers who have stayed!) Busse and Cooper explain that such "ex-gay" organizations have done little except appropriate psychobabble terminology to cover their "peddling of Victori- an vales and the most restrictive and authoritarian kinds of gender stereotyping." At their most absurd, these groups suggest that what gay men really ought to do is play football, and that a good manicure and some make-up will set lesbians "straight." These men and many former leaders in this movement agree that it would all be hysteri- cally funny if it weren't so de- structive. "These groups prey on people who are unhappy, "Coop- er says. "What they can't see or won't admit, is that the groups themselves are the source of this unhappiness they claim to be treating." It is their guilt-based approach that caused Jack Mclntyre, who had enrolled in an Exodus pro- gram, to commit suicide after be- ing made to feel he was a con- stant failure at being unable to suppress his homosexual urges. Busse recalls many other people who went through the program and had breakdowns or commit- ted suicide. "One man slashed his genitals with a razor and poured Drano on his wounds. Another man impulsively underwent an incomplete sex-change operation because he believed his sexual desires might receive divine ap- proval if he were biologically a woman." Busse and Cooper con- cluded that "after dealing with hundreds of people, we haven't met one who went from gay to straight. Even if you manage to alter someone's sexual behavior you cannot change their true sex- ual orientation." The so-called "success stories" cited by Ms. Ewing consist al- most entirely of tormented ho- mosexuals who have become celibate rather than heterosexual, according to gays who have gone through the Exodus training. Talking to other former members of the ex-gay movement, they have told me that these organiza- tions promote the idea that a poor relationship with the same-sex parent is to blame for their homo- sexuality, and they frequently try to pin sexual orientation "de- viance" on imagined episodes of molestation that they encourage the member to "confess" to. The family is pushed away, and the group members become their friends, reminiscent of cult pro- gramming. Typical length for "reform," which almost always consists of celibacy as opposed to heterosex- ual relations, is only two to three years before reverting to their natural sexuality. These conversion groups' real- ity is a current reality, not a long- term one. Sadly, many ex-gays leave the church altogether when they realize they can't jump through the ultimate hoop and achieve true heterosexuality, denying themselves any hope of spiritual life. Most members experience a se- vere imbalance in their physical, emotional and relations areas of life, all because of their change in behavior, but never in actual ori- entation. Ex-gay ministries gloss- ily parade their "converts" in front of people to make them be- lieve that being gay is a "choice," something that can be changed with hard work (and the financial donations of millions of "well- meaning" people), yet the reality is far different? Continued next week