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October 9, 1998     Cape Gazette
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October 9, 1998

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8 ' CAPE GAZETI, Friday, October 9 October 15, 1908 Continued from page 7 son this year comes the final push for votes from the many candi- dates vying for public office. Evi- dence of this effort are the increas- ing number of road signs and newspaper advertisements. One -during my neighborhood walks. Some people ask me, "Why should I vote for Harry Crystal when the current representative is such a nice man?" The answer is simple• The election of your dis- trict representative is too impor- tant to be a popularity contest. Before a choice is made to con- tinue supporting your current rep- resentative, careful consideration should be given to the record recent ad used a theme of "what which Rep. Schroeder has estab- your neighbors are saying lished. Someissues to consider: about .... " a particular Sussex County Council candidate. I sug- gest that idea be used and the vot- er go out and find out what their neighbors are saying. Talk with friends and family about each can- didate. Go to events where these candidates will be guests or speak- ers. Find out what the candidates have to say beyond their prepared statements• Then you can make an educated guess when you enter the polls on Nov. 3. A Sussex County Councilman is charged with an enormous respon- sibility, and should not be elected because he is a Democrat or a Re- publican. He is given too much power for him to be elected be- cause you are friends with his mother or father. He should not be elected because his father is a leader but because he is a leader. He must be an honest person with high moral standards who can be trusted to do the right thing• I have spoken to my neighbors, friends and family. I have observed the candidates at various events• I have made a very educated choice for my Sussex County Council- man. Vance Phillips is simply the best man for the job. I challenge the voters of the fifth councilman- ic district to examine the candi- dates as I have. Remove them from their campaign propaganda and look at the individual for who is and who he has been. If this is done, I feel confident that Vance Phillips will be our next council- man and Sussex County will be proud• Todd Mumford Miilsboro Why vote for 'Hap' Crystal? In the process of campaigning, I attend meetings, make public ap- pearances and enjoy talking with the residents of the 37th District t. Are our public school gradu- ates better prepared to face the challenges of higher education and adulthood than they were 10 years ago? 2. Are our inland bays substan- tially cleaner? 3. Have your sewer fees been re- duced by an influx of state grant money? 4. Has DelDOT been responsive to concerns of our citizens regard- ing the traffic problems caused by the continuing overdevelopment of Route 1 ? 5. Has the quality of life im- proved, remained the same or de- teriorated? 6. Has your current representa- tive effectively represented your interests? Our current representative "claims" to have been instrumen- tal in providing funding for sewer hookup fees to aid the economi- cally disadvantaged in our district. This is a token effort which solves only one part of the problem. If citizens are unable to pay the sew- er hookup fee, than the ongoing yearly service charges will also present a major economic chal- lenge. My opponent should have taken a more active and forceful role in working to obtain state grant monies with which to subsi- dize the sewer system's construc- tion costs. Such an action would have been beneficial to everyone. Our current representative "claims" to have been instrumen- tal in efforts to clean up the waters in our inland bays. The pollution problem in our inland bays have existed for as long as my opponent has been in office. In 1993, laws were adopted which established water quality standards for our state. These standards have not been met. Our current representative now "claims" to have been instmmen- Barefootin' Continued from page 7 they're getting to be a problem but you're not allowed to do anything about it in Sussex• There, s still some people with foxhounds and they like to run foxes. I think they're starting to get after the wild turkeys•" Hopkins said he came across the carcasses of several turkeys in the past few months on his farm near vlVerdroog ana" tile t.Srear larsff. "We had a whole flock of wild turkeys but they're gone now." Hopkins mentioned the foxes on Friday night, Oct. 2, during the Friends of NRA (National Rifle Association) annual banquet• On Saturday morning, w'hile riding along Pilottown Road in Lewes, I spotted a gray fox rmov- ing warily along the canal btank. There are just as many gray fioxes around as red foxes thought the gray foxes tend to be more scre- tive. Hopkins said gray foxes can climb a tree but red foxes can't. He also said Prime Hook Reffuge officials have again reported see- ing a coyote chasing deer• "Whey think the coyote is cleaningg out the fres  ad grotndtogs arcem'M the Refuge headquarters," said Hopkins. There's a lot more vtildlife around here than many people re- alize. tal in obtaining the funding to re- move the Seashore State Park's sewage discharge from the inland bays. Was this action taken be- cause of our representative's envi- ronmental concern or because a le- gal action has forced the state to comply with existing federal clean water regulations? If environmen- tal concern and not political pos- turing was the motivating factor, this action could have been taken years ago through the employment of a Biocel Wastewater System. Before municipal treatment plants such as Rehoboth's are forced to expend tens of millions of tax dol- lars, we must be certain that the methods employed will undeni- ably achieve meaningful, not min- imal results. Furthermore, the re- sponsibility for funding such ex- penditures should not fall solely upon area residents. Our current representative "claimed" to have been instrumen- tal in negotiating the redesign of the Route 1 traffic signal and turn- ing movement plan for the Re- hoboth Outlet Center at Midway. I doubt that many citizens living in or commuting through the Mid- way area would agree that the re- design has been a successful "so- lution." Furthermore, even though that quick fix "solution" solved nothing, an additional 140,000- plus sq. ft. of adjacent commercial development which will only ex- acerbate an already overburdened highway system has been ap- proved. Since 1994, civic groups have repeatedly questioned DelDOT's authority to issue entry permits which violate more strin- gent county ordinances and, al- though they have sought Rep. Schroeder's assistance, my oppo- nent has displayed a passive atti- tude toward holding DelDOT ac- countable for their actions in our district. When will DelDOT's re- peated replies of "no significant impact" create enough of an im- pact to motivate our representative to fight for his constituents' quali- ty of life and the public's safety? Citizen concern coupled with 15- mile traffic backups should have been more than enough motiva- tion. The many "claims" offered by your Current representative should be carefully reviewed. The mea- sure of a good representative is not the quality of the bills he supports. The measure of a good representa- tive should be judged by the work he originates and how his actions serve, protect and impact the lives of the people he represents. The foregoing are but a few of the many serious issues facing us. Why then should you support Harry Crystal? Because I will: • work aggressively to reestab- lish our water quality. • work aggressively to obtain grant money to help alleviate the economic burden forced upon us by the West Rehoboth Sewer Dis- tricL • promote legislation which ben- efits our district • not insult your intelligence by telling you that some quick fix scheme will solve the serious pub- lic safety problems on Route 1 • hold DelDOT accountable for its past, present and future actions in our district. • hold regular town meetings throughout our district and by knowing your concerns, I can pro- vide the representation you want and deserve In reviewing what has been al- lowed to occur in the 37th district during the last 8 to 10 years, two things are "Crystal" clear: 1. If we do not make a change, our quality of life will continue to be threat- ened; and 2. Our district needs ef- fective and forceful representation now. If given the opportunity to represent and serve you, I will not be just a nice man. I will also be an effective force for the 37th dis- trict, and I will fight for what we need and what we deserve. Harry "Hap" Crystal Republican candidate 37th District Representative Response to Broadkill letter This letter is in response to the letter published in the Oct. 2 edi- tion from Bob Martin Capt. Martin charges that the proposed beach nourishment pro- ject for Broadkill Beach as out- lined in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Public Notice CENAP- OP-R-199801553-45, datedSept. 25, will be using materials from the so-called "coral beds" in the Delaware Bay. This charge is not only inaccurate but irresponsible. The proposed borrow pit as out- lined in the proposal lies directly off Broadkill Beach. This area has been surveyed and sampled by a professor of marine biology from the College of Marine Studies of the University of Delaware. The professor is an expert on the ma- rine worm that creates the sand castles that are known locally as the "Coral Beds." No evidence of the worms was found in the pro- posed area. As a matter of fact, on- ly one razor clam was found. Anyone who regularly fishes or plies the waters of the Delaware Bay in the vicinity of Broadkill Beach knows the Coral Beds lie off to tile north and the west of the proposed source of nourishment materials by a coasiderable dis- tance. We applaud Capt. Martin's concern and dedication to the en- vironment. However, his cause and reputation would be better served if he were to check the facts and insure the accuracy of his information before mounting a soap box. James W. Bailey president Broadkiil Beach Preservation Association More on Broadkill Mr. Martin is blatantly wrong. The proposed North Borrow area from which the sand would come is not part of the Coral Beds fish- ing area. The borrow area was sampled and examined by DNREC's Division of Soil and Water Conservation with the con- sultation of a professor of marine biology from the University of Delaware. The professor is an ex- pert on the marine worm which builds the sand structures mistak- enly called coral. The examination of the borrow area found no evi- dence of the marine worm nor the sand structures. I have fished the area called Coral Beds for more than 40 years, and I have exam- ined the documents mapping the borrow area with DNREC person- nel. The borrow area is not a part of the Coral Beds and the dredging process poses no threat to that fishing area. The Corps knows this, DNREC knows this and if Mr. Martin had done his home- work, he would also know this. To try and stir controversy about pub- lic projects without having correct information is irresponsible. Robert A. Conte Wilmington Thursday Friday Saturday Veal Nite Shrimp Fest S 1 '"' per orifice All Veal Entr6es All Shrimp Prime Rib $10.95 Entrdes $10.95 111 oz minimum Sunday • Filet Mignon Dinner, Sou l) and Salad $13.95 Caf6 Italiane 4537 Highway One, Rehoboth, DE 645-MAMA