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November 6, 1998     Cape Gazette
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November 6, 1998

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8 - CAPE GAZETTE, Friday, November 6 Letters Continuecl from page7 AmeriHealth and the government could not come together on the is- sues involved. This should also concern our younger generation, especially the baby boomers, who "now worry about their Social Se- curity. Will it be there for them when they retire? Their health in- surance may also disappear when they reach 65. I addressed these concerns to a candidate. He is knowledgeable about all that is going on, but al- luded to the fact that he might look into this after this coming election. We can't afford to wait until after the election, when it will be back to business as usual. We will be left high and dry with no health in- surance, no peace of mind. We must have the answers now! Then we can vote for the man or woman who will raise our concerns and have the answer - affordable health insurance! I first learned of the HMOs leav- ing from a brief news clip over the radio, with no explanation given. I checked with the Department of Insurance for the Aged and found this to be true. I never heard it again from radio, TV or the news- papers. Is it too close to Election Day to panic the people? Or are they too busy with Monica Lewin- sky to give us the important news that concerns us! Rose Paslawski Lewes Information given on prescriptions There is some information that should be useful to current and re- tired employees of the state of Delaware. For those of you who work for or have retired from the state of Delaware, you should have re- ceived information from Value Rx. This is the prescription pro- gram the state of Delaware chose to handle your prescription cover- age. This program went into effect on July 1, 1998. You should have received ID cards from Value Rx and shown those to your pharma- cy. If you did not receive the infor- mation from Value Rx, you can call them at 800-513-9502 (avail- able 365 days a year - 24 hours a day). In the meantime, let your phar- macy know you are with Value Barefootin' Continued from page 7 of the Fountain of Youth has felt the ravages of time's passage. This year, the Col. David Hall Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) - through the generosity of a grant from the Jesse Ball duPont Foun- dation - are reinvigorating the fountain. Donald Burton - a ma- son - and Dick Palmer - a carpen- ter - are rebuilding the structure over the Fountain of Youth so that - November 12, Rx. Give them your Social Securi- ty number. They may be able to put your prescriptions through while you are in the process of getting your Value Rx card. If you have purchased prescrip- tions after July 1, 1998, and not used Value Rx, you will have to contact them about filing those prescription charges. Gladys Shaw Administrative Director Suggestions on Cape bike path Another thought on the Cape Henlopen bike path: In Iceland a similar problem was solved by building a bike path (a road in Ice- land) along the ocean side of the sand dunes. The path (road) was constructed so the bed would wash out in heavy storms, leaving the infrastructure intact. The sur- face could then be easily and inex- pensively reattached. Would such a concept be ap- plicable to the Cape Henlopen sit- uation? Build the bike path on the ocean side of the sand dunes avoiding the sensitive pond area. The path would be built on pilings driven into the sand with a bed that would wash away in heavy storms. The cost would most certainly be greater (both initial as well as ongoing maintenance), but I think such a path can be built that will provide all the benefits and few of the detriments of the other well- discussed alternatives. And all it takes is money!! Larry Jilk Boyertown, Pa. More information on insurance termination The following letter was sent to State Insurance Commissioner Donna Lee H. Williams with a copy submitted to the Cape Gazette for publication. On Friday, Oct. 23, you and members of your staff spoke at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover on an issue that is important to ap- proximately 12,000 members of the Medicare Program who liv.e below New Castle County and whose insurance will be terminat- ed as of Dec. 31, 1998. You addressed concerns of the Department of Insurance about this problem and passed out lilera- ture indicating that any members who are canceled could possibly obtain coverage from other insur- generations ahead can enjoy this bit of local history. Emmalane Ewing, current re- gent for the Col. David Hall Chap- ter, said the project will require spending nearly $4,000. The "History of Lewes, Delaware and Vicinity," published first in 1956 by the local DAR, has this to say about the Fountain of Youth: "Out on Pilottown Road along the canal bank may be seen a small pavilion marking a tradi- tional 'Fountain of Youth,' said to have been the watering place for the first Dutch colonists. When the spring was restored by the 1998 ance companies. However, after reading over the programs, i found this information to be of lit- tle help other than for individuals whose income level is below $1,603 per couple, per month, and whose resources fall below $6,000 to be eligible for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB). FOllowing your presentation, questions were asked from the floor and some of your answers raise questions as to the resolution. of this problem. Example: Question - Since the State Insurance Office regulates all insurance companies in the state, how can the Insurance De- partment allow any insurance company's Medicare program to "red line" the sale of its product to only New Castle County. Your answer was that this is a federal program over which your office has no control. Margaret Thomas, a federal spokesperson, affirmed that Medicare is a program that is federally regulated. Since this is true, why have our federal repre- sentatives failed to address this situation by allowing red lining of Medicare coverage? This issue must be addressed immediately, and a correction made now. Can't the state require any company of- fering insurance for Medicare coverage to insure throughout the state, or else not be allowed to of- fer any coverage at all? If not, why not? What can be done to correct this-situation whereby coverage is only offered ' in select- ed areas? You also stated that the insur- ance companies doing business only in New Castle County for Medicare coverage were doing so because of the number of hospitals and doctors in New Castle Coun- ty. This is a questionable state- ment, because there are only two fully accredited hospitals in New Castle County for the general pop- ulation. So that line of thinking is untrue. New Castle County has Chris- tiana Care/Wilmington as one unit and St. Francis Hospital. Kent County has Kent General Hospital and Milford Memorial Hospital. Sussex County has Beebe Medical Center and Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. There are an equal num- ber of hospitals per county. Your office provided a list of 29 companies doing business in Delaware that provide Medicare coverage. However, the drawback with these 29 companies is that at least I Lewes Chamber of Commerce and dedicated on August 14, 1937, at the Chamber's home, coming commemorating the 306th anniversary of the ancient town, the 'fountain' received nation- wide publicity. In recentyears the upkeep of the pavilion has been neglected and the spring allowed to run dry. The sign on the front, in Old English lettering, also gone, read: 'Ye Olde Fountain of Youth. 'Tis said the water of this spring contains the magic elixir of Longevity, and that whoever drinks therefrom is imltelled to re- turn again.' 10 of them do not provide pro- grams to cover D, E, i and J, Medigap coverage and only' two of them accept groups ofity ! Most seniors are in desperate need of Medigap coverage of ei- ther I or J programs, which pro- vide basic prescription drug cov- erage, with premiums ranging from $1,139.60 annually for those age 65, to a high of $4,494 annual- ly at age 80 and these rates are per person. If the listed companies can cov- er all of the state, then why can't the companies such as Aetna/US Healthcare, AmeriHealth and Cigna, who only want to service residents of New Castle County, be required to provide the same coverage throughout the state. One suggestion made at the meeting that can address this issue with fair and equitable rates as provided toNew Castle County is that the state of Delaware provide statewide coverage on a buy-in plan to cover all of those affect- ed/terminated Medicare members, and permit them to join the state Medicare coverage, paying the same rate of the state's cost per employee with a full selection of the programs Athrough J. One other issue that came to light at this meeting was the fact that any employee of any compa- ny or of New Castle County gov- ernment who chooses to retire or has already retired, to any area outside New Castle County, will also be losing their present cover- age. Your place of residence will now determine your access to cov- erage of your Medicare insurance. This will affect retirees who move downstate or out of state along with those of us who may work in New Castle County but live out- side the county's limits. Does this then welcome a whole new group of Medicare rejects? Today I spoke with the Hon. Terry T. Spence, state speaker of the House, about this isstie and he said that after the Nov. 3 election he wilt call a meeting of all con- cerned state legislators to address this issue and following this meet- ing, he will schedule public meet: ingsthroughout.the state to pursue reconciliation of this issue. Everyone must understand that procrastination cannot be allowed on this important issue. All indi- viduals, organizations or con- cerned citizens must contact the Office of the governor, state legis- lators, both representatives and "Part of the legend of the spring was a right-handed conch shell, chained to the spring for drinking purposes._ This rare type of Conch that spirals toward the front when held in the right hand, was said to be the original drinking vessel of the earliest imbibers, and must be used to attain the full efficacy of the youth-bestowing water. Only the well-head of colonial design remains, while the sign, and the conch shells (frequently re, placed), were no doubt confiscat- ed by souvenir hunters." Helene Potter said recently she remembers when "Mr. Maull used senators, and the federal senators and representativel Once Jan. 1 rolls around and .the:only coverage all presently scheduled 12,000 ter- minated members in their present programs will revert automatical- ly to basic Medicare coverage on- ly; no Medigap coverage, no pre- scription drugs, nothing but basic 80 percent Medicare coverage, only. Our federal representatives have let this nation down in allowing this red lining by insurance com- panies to develOp and to continue. This issue must be corrected prior to Dec. 31 even if a special leg- islative session is needed by both the state and the federal legisla- tots. Tom Savage Lewes Lewes library says thanks for help On behalf of the board of direc- tors of the Friends of the Lewes Public Library, I extend thanks to all of the people whose hard work and patronage made our annual book sale on September 5 yet an- other success. We especially thank the follow- ing: The community for donating thousands of books to the cause and your eager participation to buy them back. "Recycling" at its finest! The many workers who all year long moved boxes of books up the library stairs, stacking them high in the Friends Room and then moved them back down the day before the sale and then Saturday morning onto the tables to be sold. The book handlers and the sales volunteers who sorted the books and kept the tables fresh and in order all day long. The folks at All Signs for up- dating our book sale banner gratis. General Rental Center for pro- viding tables. The Lewes Senior Center for lending us their tables. This year-long effort was re- warded with a beautiful Saturday, much to the pleasure of book sell- ers and book seekers alike. We look forward to continued success in 1999 as the library noves on to meet the growing demands of our community with its building ex- pansion program. See you next year! Hope C. Tyler President Friends of Lewes I I to water his cows there. At that time it was a lively and bubbling spring." Mr. Maull was David Maull, the last of several generations of Maulls, who lives in what is now known as the Maull House. Lo- cated across the street from the Fountain of Youth, the Mauli House was acquired by the Col. David Hall Chapter in the early 1960s. Members have overseen com- plete restoration of the structure, which dates back to 1739, and now use it as their chapter head- quarters.