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December 2, 2011     Cape Gazette
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December 2, 2011

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6 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2011 Cape Gazette Letters )) Milton cm clears the record I appreciate the Cape coverage of my that t am not running for r tion. There was one error story, however, that needs tion. Although I served than'three years on the Theatre board. I am no board member Of greater significance i fact that Volume 18 No~ 50 Publisher. [ Ext, 303 }egazev~e,com Editor. T Ext. 315 / Emery. Ext. 305 Pumping :..part of a regular ,egazetm,com Sports Edito Dave Frederick. Ext. 304 sand_ f ive year News Laura Ritter, Ext. 320 beach renourishment )ega Ze]Ltelc m and AaE Editor repair program, Copy Editor, [ . Ext. 316 bernie .... NEWS Evans, Ext. 336 ) now been closed for over [ year. Ran I~ Ext. 318 I, alOng with many others Mil- ~ Mavity, Ext. 337 ton and beyond, greatly u its capeg presence in our lives and mourn Kara luzback, Ext. 317 uzba( K@capegazette.corn _ __ Rachel S ~ick Mavity, Ext. 321 the loss of the role it playe l in economic development in Milton. t~Ot rachel( .~capegazette,cOmRoth, Ext. 335 The theatre board and qthersin nicN~ , -"" Melis ;a Steele, Ext. 338 MiltGn have been working hardEd| lal }~ melissasb duringthe pastyearto putchase A ne tragedy emphasiz S hunting safety MfllyMacMillan the ~eatre and open its &,ors mollym~ again, but have met with r lany ar e " SPC RTS WRITERS obstacles, not the least of' vhich is lim Bamforth the current economy Th( se ef- t wo ld be almost impossible to trace tion that n ust be given to safety, tim@i forts are cOntinuing, back the origins of the hunting tradition Whethe{ it's with shotguns for deer and we- Fre tefiek Schranck I was correctly quoted s saying in Sqssex County. Thousands of years be- terfowl or Crossbows and long bows for deer, Fschran :k@HoleBx Hole.corn that I hope to continue w( rking in fore guropean settlers began migrating hunting in rolves deadly weapons. Sussex is co MTRIBUTORS coIr munity theatre produ :ti)n., this way, ative Americans hunted this markedly c it was 100 years Susan FrederickNancy Katz and I feel fortunate to live in an wildlife-rich land to balance diets with protein, ago, community theatre produ :tions, fifferent now than Chris Antonio Eric Burney and I feel fortunate to live in an with fSr more people and houses. Denise Clemons oon McDooald area where there are a nu] nber of Vast collegtions of arrowheads, spear points Many years ago, Delaware instituted a hunter Bob Yesbek thriving and high-quality, :ommu- and stonelfishing-net weights picked up from safety program. The program requires all WEBSr 'e COORDINATOR nity theatregroups, such Sec- freshly turned fields or along river banks testify hunters after a certain date to show safety Cat ,erine M. Tanzer maine ~capegazette.corr ondiStreet Players in Milfi)rd and to the dep of the tradition, awareness and proficiency with firearms. No PH( ,TOGRAPHERS Pog m Point Players in (eorge- The conservation ethic that goes hand-in- doubt that program has helped avoid many ac- Dan Cook Steven Billuos town. I fervently hope t the hand hunting also creates an important cidents. E, with that, Sussex County record- PRODUC'I ION COORDINATOR Milton Theatre will soon )ncesense of sl ewardship for habitat and open ed a hunth g accident during the recent shot- Norr,aParks, Ext. 309 again join their ranks, space con ervafion so much a part of the Sus- gun deer s,.'ason, near Millsboro, that could noarK! Del inna Duby sex fabric For the next two months, hunting in- easily have been a death. One 16-year-old :LASSlFIED cam icilwoman tensity wi [l strengthenwith the greatest num- hunter too ( a shot at a deer without knowing Jy Burr, Ext. 300 sDarr Kat ly Long, Ext. 302 Milton Tm m Council her of sea ;ons overlapping between now and precisely v There his 16-year-old hunting partner Klongl capegazette'cm the end ol January. Hunters will be in the was at the :ime. The slug, according to en- Don't let Milton marshes,' roods, fields and rivers stalking forcement officials, grazed the arm of the other ApVERTISIN6 everything from ducks, geese and doves to rub- hunter. As it turns out, the shooting hunter had Cind~,Bowlin, Ext, 307 cindy@ca pegazette.carr development run a nok bits, sqdirrel, quail and deer. not taken t he hunter safety course. Share t Hudson. Ext. 306 snuosc n@capegazette.eorr Plain and simple Milto~, "Do Fluores cent orange hats and vests will mark Hunting represents an important Sussex tra- Amal da Neafie. Ext. 311 yOU Want your town looki ng like it the deer a nd small game hunters. Waterfowl dition, but as populations grow and the coun- mand fell offthe back of a truck We hunters ir their camo will be less visible, tryside nges, the responsibility and safety Chri; Rausch. Ext. 312 have seen a developing ttern There's mr important common thread, howev- concerns t hat accompany the tradition must al- that tells uS that this is wt at some ., Lhotsky, Ext. 313 elected officials are aimin for. er, that tie s them together: the constant atten- so grow in importance, steVejami ~@capegazette'CmShinault, Ext. 310 There are six million sc uare CeDe Gazette edito~ hiS are considered and written oy members of the CeDe Gazette editorial board w ich includes Dennis Forne/. publisher: "Irish Vernon. editor: Dave ishinaL - Frederick, SDOrtS edi or: Laura Ritter. news editor: and Jen Ellingsworm. arts and entertainment editon feetiof land that if annexe t will PRO )UCTION STAFF con}e in as light industrial. This th Chris Wildt Teresa Rodriguez change on l41acres on th* towns Picture )) " WRITENOW KristinCornetl EdwinKrumm growth map (bordered Lavinia, Chr rooher D. Foster Sand Hill and Route 30) Was made Letters must be signed and D STRmUTION soon after that zoning ch~Inge to include a telephone number for Joni Weber verification. Please keep letters Scott Vrckers to 650 words or fewer. We st BSCRIPTIONS heaVYcountyindustrialland on Routen neigh30 west)ring - - '" ) reserve the right to edit for Sally Chancy side of Gravel Hill Road, outh of Route 16). content and length, scnan, , Write to Cape Gazette, Ema for news. letters: And the latest: town cc mcil willi soon vote on whethe nearly PC Box 213, Lewes. DE 19958: new~ro )m@capegazette.comilfor advertising fax 645-1664 or email acJsak 40 acres of land within to ~n lim .... ~i" '. newsroom@ca Er ail to subscribe: its will be rezoned from f. siden- . ........ suoscr, ) 'mail for web: tial to light industrial. A l,attern ..... : .......... : weem @capegazette.cQm emerges. There are thing, like the planned hotel on Route 1( be- Web Poll }} Abo, t Cape Gazette: The Caae G ~zette (USPS 010294), known tween Mulberry and Uni~ )rL Kny office of Dublica Ion at 17585 Nassau Commons rezoning needed there? Why .... Most readers keeping 3[vd.. Lewes )E D958, is published every shotald we Consider a multimil, ............ Tuesday ant Friday by Cape Gazette Ltd. I lion-dollarlwater tower when the wallets closed tight Periodicals DO', rage palo at Lewes, Delaware Subso Dtions are available at economy is growing so sl wly? " " $39 per year i Sussex County: $56 elsewhere, Of course, industrial rezo aing RON MACARTHUR )HOTO HOW much have you spent on Address all cor esDondence to : CaDe Gazette might need millions ofga [lons of UNUSUALI-Y NARM WEATHER - with temperatures in the h Christmas so far? P,O,TeletBe tone:C213' 302-645-7700-ewes' DE 19958 water. You think? Thanksgiving I )ay weekend offers beachgoers a chance to enjoy the sand ar Over $400 28,1% x: 302-645-1664 Onthe 40 acres, counc 1 can in Rehoboth B( ach. $100-$399 21.1% 0STMASTER: vote to deny the landowr er's zon- 50:$99 50.8% Sent ad&ess changes to ing request. Then of cam se, the " The,CgG~igette,. P&r3~213 ' ) For acal weather, including highs and The total votes coutuRe were 242. To oar- " ('nnf|n=l~tl e n n~lo'~ 7 ticipate in the current web poll. visit