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December 2, 2011     Cape Gazette
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December 2, 2011

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8 FRIDAY. Letter,, Continued ! estate taxes percent cap most,ofthei from! And t] EC ~.MBER 2 - )) )m page 7 and their priv tal gains taxes income is det e exorbitant e M( NDAY, DECEMBER 5. 2011 they were still already beginr . ged 15 Blame no where ived Congressfl cpense Why should ~11 for the one pm ry let alone prote reased ing their fair sl n tore about tl F ~rmers Marl s lpport susta Cape Gazette te Historic Lewes :et, our goal is to inane agricultural address issues of na- concerning sustain- md the food we eat lg education on the ld value of fresh lo- ~u will visit our web- oriclewesfarmers- net over $253,000 yearly, ac cord- roughly $200,C 00. How equitable This is at a time when our in the summer, to luscious beets in ing tO the T1 easury's Office of Tax is that ? species is in danger of fouling ar the fall. The vibrant, friendly ex- II nusual Gi'otto tree Analysis anc[ other indepe, dent Also, what i., the evidence that nest so much so that the plane{ changes between vendors and. Since the ir ception of the Grot- sources. The refore, these s: nail leaving the ont,. percent un- may become unlivable. The planet their customers amply demon- Parade of q }ees program, businesses x gould not be st bject touched in ten as of raising their will survive - we may not. strate the pleasure to all on market oastal Dela rare Kiwanis Club to higher tw :es in the Oban [a tax tax rates pro& ces jobs and is Everything we buy, use and dis- days. Our sincere thanks to our ed in the program as participat proposal, lall business vners "good for the c auntry?" Read what card has an impact on the envit wonderful vendors for the work e mh Christm season from and ec0no ists will tell yo 1 that Ronald Landm spends his billions ronment. Daniel Goldman, in l is they do and the food they pro- hanksgiving until New Year's demand is v'hat spurs jobt king. on: tax shelter., and "aggressive book. "Ecological Intelligence," duce. ay at the loc al Grotto restaurants. Higher taxe:; and/or or ove r-regu- tax planning, a skill that has be- writes about the LCA of produ cts, The market is tremendously Local bush Lesses sponsor a tree lations are n9t viewed as job de- come [his] spe :iality." Only the or Life Cycle Assessment - the to- fortunate to have our over 150 local chari ties, then decorate str0yers by mall business 9wners very wealthy "take advantage tat impact on the planet from c :e- dedicated and enthusiastic volun- te tree, and I atrons visiting the contrary to tumors. We need to of the system."How many can ation through destruction of pr ad- reefs. Each week, our volunteers n staurants n give a donation to start learning truth from fi tion, carry mortgag{ on their homes ucts that we buy, including the re- ensure that the market is set up v)te for their !avorite tree. Instead ot Congress figh{ing the annual inte rest on which can cycling of these products, and ready to go and that our pa- The procee go the charitable one another for the right tq take equal $1.i milli, m and be fully tax We are told to use the new eJ t- trons have a rich and pleasurable o :ganizations such as the Kiwanis over the throne, they need to be deductible? ergy-efficient light bulbs in ord er experience at the market. These F)undation fc r its children's pro- working for the American peo- Yet, "housel tolds with more to conserve energy, volunteers put up and take down g "ams. pie's genera welfare. Not 0ll $1million in income claimed Almost m defiance, at least a tents, provide information about Previously, giwanis Club mem- } anericans Want to see the Ameri- more than $27 billion in such de- dozen very large cities lit up asif the market to patrons and visitors, b . rs used this time as an opportu- can dream aChieved for all Ameri- ductions from 006 to 2009, ac- there were no tomorrow. Perhaps, assist with demonstrations, put up n ty to give a q 2hristmas check to cans. Bigotr and hatred arc hold- cording to Sen Tom Colburn of in 20, 50 or 100 years there worj't market signs, sell books, bags and tl Le foundatio 1. In some years, Ki- mg us back. That is the cor of our Oklahoma, wh) said that some be, unless we come to our senses, other items and do the countless u anis raised t le most funds and other tasks needed to operate a tl/ey received larger portion of problem! If We give everyoiae the wealthy taxpa ers even deducted Patricia yolk bustling market, the proceeds. opportunity }o lace up thei boot- mortgage inter on their yachts. straps, they Will meet the chat- This welfare fc r the well-off- Rehoboth|oh We thank our wonderful pa-In recent y . ars, donations have lenge. We nqed to create equal op- costing billion of dollars a year- Give the American trons. The popularity of the mar- d . creased as embers died, so it portunity as well as jobs. "6~hen is being paid f( r with the taxes of ket has grown steadily each year a most did no : seem worthwhile are the child[en in CongreSs going the less fortun; tte. taxpayer some credit over the six years of operation to f( r Kiwanis tc have a tree. This between 2,000 and 3,000 patrons, y . ar, Presiden t Jim Kunkle came to grOw up? We live in the United How would mu like to be able It's a nice long letter in the Nov. As one patron wrote when voting u ) with the id ea for Kiwanis to States. Many have rejected the to deduct as m as $400,000 in 29 edition, but a proposed bridget in the America's Favorite Farmers g ve to childre n in the local com- concept of ubited! Instead, too property taxes annually on your amendment is not the answer, Mr. Market contest, our market offers unity. many of them are hanging in bars vacation home in Florida as Mr. Carney. This will only give yot [u]nique, varied, and high quality and otel co aference room with Lauder does ? " So, instead }f one tree this year, their special-interest group All of the ab, we is what our and your fellow Democrats a "1.- fresh produce... The Lewes His- C aastal Delay rare Kiwanis has lobbyists. T1 tey are not curl Congress has k een permitting for cense to raise taxes" - aka - Stin m- toric Farmers Market is also 'the' cree trees, ot.e each in Lewes, Re- enough deal for we the pe ,pie. years. Blame n ) one but our Con- lus II. place to be on Saturday mornings h )both Beach and Bethany Beach Our foundin g fathers wouh start gress. Rememt er, it takes two par- There are two ways to balan( e to see your neighbors and to wel- G rottos. another Am . rican Revoluti m if ties to tango! .4 sk your elder con- the budget - one is to get rid of all come visitors from out of town." Look closel however; the orna- the "Christmas ornaments and numbers. "Pe Barefootin' special numN on regular Del Continued fl om page 7 Williams. "So recto} of DI/IV would dec ide numberSanniversariesthat what to do pith the tag. B it those number would only go back into tl te gen- try to acconm eral system if there weren t go to their loc som speci 1 use that coud be any time and c made. Last September, D,'.IDOT available num had a booth at a car show at the tors at the faci riverfront Wilmington ;rod those questiot people coul put their nm ae in a With Christ drawing for a four-digit ta had Come Some lucky son Won th: t tag." Low-d! tags m Dela arare are regu] sold for tho asands and ev hundreds o 'thousands of lars. ThOse wanting black an white histo ic reproductk tags are not limited to fiw goodies" and the other is to rai )ple can ask for taxes. I have seen what Delaw rs on those,,tags or has done to waste money - the aware tags, said dealership on Route 1 sale, land Sale that Gov. Ruth Ann Minne me people have was involved in, and other ciou :hey like or their projects. Nice to know you sul; )r birth dates. If ported the "American Jobs Act' ; are available, we another stimulus project, but yl odate. People can did not support the Keystone fl DMV facilityPipeline. heck the list of One of the things you do wel )ers. The direc- scare people in talking about ta [ities can answer - ing their Social Security. Give t s." American taxpayer some credil has on its way,we are getting smarter - your that many people gill be looking to- scare tactics are getting old. er- wand the tags a way to make Carol Ande ,4t them feel ever more special to Le be Delawarem ts. And with 3,000 vehicles Lewes farmers market d01- registered in the state, those po- tential 86,999 historic porcelain says thanks d tags mean tha ' fewer than one in The Historic Lewes Farmers n steel 10 vehicles will be sporting Market thanks our vendors, pa- -digit them. trons, volunteers and many oth The many supporters of the n e market - patrons Who res!de in or si re visit Lewes, local and state gov- C :ar ernment, and area businesses and G organizations deserve our thanks. C Ed Kee, Delaware secretary of ~[ agriculture, and his staff are stal- 12 wart supporters of our market and C other farmers markets throughout It )u the state, rr Mayor Ford and the Lewes City Council only actively support the rr is market. We also owe a debt of m gratitude to the many local restau-_ o: he rants, master gardeners, and "green" organizations that provid- tt ed the imaginative, informative, IT ents are hat gns says, "T? ne Little Ha irls, All War aid Winter ] One! A ( elaware Kiu harge-Dona addition to ents, Kiwan td K-Kids ha arching hats td invite tho ' hats to take The trees e bright red ittens. As f ; and mittens. As the vo Little Mittens, :, Keeps Boys and n and Snug On a )ay- Need One? ;ift from Coastal anis Club. No ions Appreciated." lights and orna- ans, Key Clubbers, ng mittens and on the branches 3e who need mittens a set. re easily seen with or navy hats and unilies take the or- and delicious demonstrations and n; tments, littl( Kiwanis elves will son workshops at the market each rqplenish the branches. wes week. AW remaining items will go to Finally, we thank the Lewes lqcal schools Or children's groups, Public Library, and particularly because as every mother knows, the Children's Librarian Maureen kids lose at least two or three pairs Miller, for partnering with uS e ich winter. every Saturday in eading to chil- Rosemary L Cummings dren at the market, secretary/treasurer To those who wish to learn COastal Delaware Kiwanis that the Irac war incurred" come to an i,.nd as all milit Everything we buy ha: contest. troops with, flaw. These in( These two honors speak vol- federal revenues, along wit plans breaks make f(ols out of the other impact on environment umes about the market that the to pu! more people back to work, 99 percent. It has been said that those Historic Lewes Farmers Market will enable Our safety net l ro- Just read thg story in the New whom the gods would destroy family has created and nurtured. grams to survive, although they York Times of the Lander heir, they first make mad. It is a very Many groups share in the mar- will need to be less genero We Ronald, "A Family's Billions, Art- fitting aphorism for today's wo ld, ket's success, and we cannot thank will regain t American d :eam fully Sheltered' taking advantage Over 2,000 years ago threewise them enough. The fabulous pro- come hell high water. W e have of tax breaks tl tat are useful only men brought gifts to a newbon ducers who bring their nutritious always foun t innovative w; tys to for the most at fluent. The effective child. Today we trample each c h- and healthful products to market bounce bacl :. tax rate for the 400 wealthiest tax- er (sometimes to death), pepp( each Saturday morning are the We need fear that m, destly payers, repres nting the top spray other consumers and ge first group m the market family. higher tax n tes will hurt aall 0.000258 perc( nt, fell from about erally act as if we have gone m; Without them we Would not have businesses ; nd destroy job cre- 30 percent in 1 to 18 percent in We do this in order to pttrchas the market. ation, as the|fearmongers would 2008, the most recent data avail- the latest electronic equipmenl or The market's 37 vendors offer have you believe. Ninety-elght able. That tax 'ate is equivalent to to take advantage of a sale prio everything from tender asparagus percent of small businesseg do not taxpayers with a taxable income of for a desired item. in the spring, to robust tomatoes VIEWPOINTS c Lewes Farmers Market anis Offer around. Or are we gressman, now seeking anothe ing to have one? term in office, what he has don Bill Clemens about all of the above, and mot Felton in his two terms spent in Wash ne but ington? Read the whole article )r our dilemma act accordingly. Henry K H( anyone feel sorry Rehoboth cent of taxables - :t them from pay- tare ? Their tax supporters for joining together to make our sixth market season a tremendous success. - We can all celebrate the mar- md ket's selection as'America's Fa- vorite Farmers Market" in its cate- rsey gory in a nationwide contest, as inchwell as being named a"Delaware's Favorite" in Delaware Today's n, a tditional int n [arket as we li nks to other ti onal organi~ s, )urces: Thank you u ed support, seeing you .wenth seasc The Histor oastal Ki p ractices and ti onal interes a)le farming v ~hile providi h aportance a c al produce. We hope y( s te, www.his Board of directors here you will find )rmation about the 1 as information and community and na- ations and re- all for your contin- md we look forward in May 2012 for our n.